October 5, 2022

Bengals Twitter Reactions to Steelers Loss

The Cincinnati Bengals fell on Pittsburgh Steelers Due to a combination of five turnovers and the loss of long-snapper Clark Harris.

Despite everything going against them, Joe Burrow and the Bengals had several chances to get a win that they didn’t trade for. The game came to some head-scratching conclusions, and fans are as mad as they are disappointed.

Coaching mistakes are big this time around. The loss of Harris, especially at long-snapper, made the problem even bigger.

However, some of it can also be attributed to player mistakes.

The team gave Evan McPherson a second shot to kick the game-winning kick. There seemed to be errors in the kick all around.

Lance McAllister nailed it here, as Kevin Huber should have clocked or lay on the ball as soon as the snap was high to try again on fourth down.

It was a mistake not to challenge Zach Taylor’s catch midway through the fourth quarter. Instead, the team rushed to run to defeat.

The plan may have been to catch the Steelers napping, but it clearly didn’t work. Not scoring on that drive was a big point in this game.

However, the team had every opportunity to take fate into their own hands, but they fell short this week.

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