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With no doubts there are some beautiful ladies in the Trance scene these days and all of them are charming, charismatic, great-looking, kind and sexy. Whether you like brunette or blonde girls, short or tall, most of these beautiful ladies will make you stop for a moment and think to yourself  “Wow!”. But let’s make a stop here and take a look at what those beauties made in their career and see some interesting facts about them. After all, it’s not the looks that introduced them to us, but their stunning angel voices and talent.

11. JES


“From singing and songwriting to producing and DJing, New York City born- Los Angeles based JES does it all. She has worked with the longtime tastemakers and powerhouses like COSMIC GATE, FERRY CORSTEN, BT, and TIESTO – just to name a few- providing vocals on multiple No.1 chart topping tracks; many of which have become indicative of dance music. Her original singles have been remixed by industry greats such as KASKADE, ABOVE & BEYOND, ARMIN VAN BUUREN and many more. ”

  • A track from her label was nominated for Grammy’s in 2016.
  • She was part of Motorcycle – the band that gave trance its first Billboard chart no.1
  1. Roxanne Emery

Roxanne Emery

Roxanne Emery is a singer and songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from UK. Her career began to rise in 2011 when she released her debut EP named “An introduction to Roxanne Emery” but she introduced herself to Trance scene earlier, back in 2010 when she made a collab with her brother, Gareth Emery, and produced a track “Too dark tonight”. The track was included in Gareths’ “Nothern Lights” album and in 2011 Roxanne perfomed on 8 dates of  the albums’ World Tour. She continued working with Trance artist such as Aly & Fila, ReOrder, Lee Osborne, Dash Berlin, Luke Bond and all of those collabs made a huge success.

  • She graduated Philosophy, Politics and Economic at Warwick University.
  • Roxanne made live performances with her music The Royal Festival Hall in London, Hoxton Hall and Londons’ Bush Hall.
  • Roxanne’s music was featured on several TV shows as well.
  • She is also an owner of LATE Records which was named after her mother (Linda Angela Teresa Emery).
  1. Aruna


Aruna is an American singer, songwriter, producer and DJ as well. She started her music career at an early age but became famous in the Trance scene back in 2007 when she worked together with The Thrilseekers on the well-known track called “Waiting here for you”. From that time on Aruna featured singles with many Trance Djs and producers such as George Acosta, Ronski Speed, Cosmic Gate, ATB, Myon & Shane 54, Aly & Fila, DJ Shah, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz and Armin van Buuren as well. She performed live at ASOT 550 Festival in Den Bosch and accompanied Armin van Buuren through many shows as a live vocalist. This beautiful vocalist performed live with Ferry Corsten as well and with Myon & Shane 54.

  • She studied piano and electronic music production at Berklee College of Music in Boston.
  • In 2011 Aruna went DJing and started her own radio show “The Hot List”.
  • At young age Aruna worked on a project with the members of the progressive metal band.
  • Aruna’s name means “sunrise” in Hindi and was given to her by her Indian grandfather.
  1. Emma Hewitt

Emma Hewitt

This attractive Australian singer, songwriter and trance vocalist started her EDM career with the track “Carry me away”with DJ Chris Lake. The track gained a big success and Emma started working with some Trance names like Cosmic Gate, Dash Berlin, Ronski Speed, Gareth Emery, Lange, Armin van Buuren, BT, Mark Sixma. By now she is one of the most famous Trance vocalist on the scene. Recently she worked with a German DJ Schiller and made a collab with the track called “Only Love”.

  • Emma was a lead singer of the rock band (“Missing Hours”) in Australia.
  • She worked together with her brother on a music career.
  • Had several solo shows around the world.
  1. Nifra


Nifra is a Progressive Trance DJ and producer from Slovakia. She is signed to Coldharbour Recordings and has been playing shows in the past years on many worldwide events. This energetic girl has collaborated with several trance DJs but made the huge success collaborating with Markus Schulz on their track “The Creation” which has been Transmissions’ 2015 Theme track.

  • Nifra had her own monthly radio show “Be progressed”. The 100th episode was the last one.
  • She started the radio show when she was 19.
  • It was ATB’s music that got her into Trance at first.
  • Nifra now likes to call her music style “progressive trance with balls”
  1. Jano


Jano is an Australian singer and manager of trance events, tours and artist bookings in Australia. She is married to DJ MaRLo with whom she worked on several tracks together. Beside MaRLo, Jano made collab with Andrew Rayel on a track called “How do I know”. This charismatic girl usually joins her husband on stage and it seems like they are on of the prettiest couples on the Trance scene nowadays. She also works hard on Australia’s Atlantis Trance Event bringing some of the hottest names to play there.

  • Jano has a Lebanese origin.
  • She is also did a track with Porter Robinson.
  1. Betsie Larkin

Betsie Larkin

American singer and songwriter Betsie Larkin never fails to impress with anything she does with the music. Already famous for her well-known tracks “Made of Love” (with Ferry Corsten) and “You belong to me” (with Bobina), Betsie worked on a tracks with many artists such as Solarstone, Lange, John O’Callaghan, Bjorn Akesson, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sied van Riel, ATB and it seems like all of them had a huge success.


  • Her first solo album was released on Black Hole Recordings back in 2011.
  • She wrote most of the lyrics of songs on that album.
  • Betsie is a great guitar player and she actually wrote a guitar version of “Made of Love” at first.
  • She claims that the track “A new day” made with ATB was originally solo-rock track but it transformed into something even better.
  1. Jennifer Rene

Jennifer Rene


Jennifer Rene became popular in the Trance world for her amazing voice skills. Having done a track “Louder” with Jose Amnesia in 2006 the doors have been widely open for her. Rene made huge hits with Armin van Buuren, Jonas Steur, Markus Schulz, Standerwick, John O’Callaghan, Craig Conelly, Saad Ayub. What many Trance fans don’t know is that Jennifer Rene is a DJ and producer as well.

  • She loves Elephants.
  • In her live sets she combines DJ-ing and live singing as well.
  • She wrote the lyrics for “Not the same” track done with Markus Schulz.
  • Jennifer Rene made her own radio show “Colours”.
  1. Adina Butar

Adina Butar


Adina is a singer and songwriter from Romania. Her vocal talent was discovered and brought to Trance scene by Markus Schulz. Markus introduced her at A State of Trance 550 in Den Bosch and since then her music career has been only going up. She made couple of tracks with Markus Schulz and collaborated with Venom One, Tenishia and Fabio XB.

  • Adina used to sing in girl bands and only in 2010 she took a solo step when she made a track “Out of my way” with a Romanian DJ.
  • She wrote song lyrics for several Romanian bands.
  • Previously Adina used to sing under name Aimi.
  • Adina was the very first female vocalist to sign in to Schulz Music Group.
  1. Nadia Ali

Nadia Ali

Nadia Ali is a Pakistani American singer and songwriter. She started her career as a singer and songwriter in a band called “iiO”, where she gained a huge interest among everyone with the band’s debut track “Rapture” back in 2001. The band made a success with every other song they made, but in 2005 Nadia decided to move on solo in her career and became a singer of electronic dance music. She collaborated with Armin van Buuren, Arty, BT and Schiller as well.

  • Pete Tong was the first one to support “Rapture”.
  • Her song “Pressure” with Starkillers and Alex Kenji in 2011 received an International Dance Music Award.
  • In 2009 Nadia unveiled her debut album “Embers”. She started working a second album in 2015.
  • Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (musician of Sufis music) was one of Nadia’s influences in music life.
  1. Kim Kiona

Kim Kiona

Kim Kiona is a Dutch singer and songwriter and trance vocalist. She is best known for her collabs with Driftmoon (with whom she is currently in a relationship). Kim worked together with other artists such as Talla 2xlc, Geert Huinink, James Dymond, Driftmoon, RAM, Alex van Reeve, Mike Fabio and Airborn. Although she is closely “new” in the Trance scene, her vocals seem promising, and by her looks Kim definitely deserves #1 place for the most beautiful Trance lady.

Tell us what you think: Have we missed someone to mention? By your opinion who is the most beautiful female in the Trance world? What would you like to know about your favorite female vocalists/DJs or promoters?


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  • KtalaKtala

    Author Reply

    Susana (Dutch), Alexandra Badoi (Romanian)

  • Missing Susana!!

  • Christina Novelli!

  • JannJann

    Author Reply

    Jennifer Rene is the most !

  • AsusROGAsusROG

    Author Reply

    Chloe,Alexandra Badoi,

  • IemandIemand

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    Missing Sabi Eva here. Altough not a vocalist or dj.

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    Who wrote this, Harvey Weinstein?

  • BrendaBrenda

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    Beautiful ladies, and extremely talented.

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