December 4, 2022

Beaten Manning tried to write a letter of apology to a referee after cursing him during a game

Hall of Famer Beyton Manning once wanted to write him a letter of apology when he cursed a referee so badly.

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Manning told the story during a broadcast with his brother Eli during the premiere of “Monday Night Football” aired simulcast on ESPN2. The Las Vegas Riders won 33-27 against the Baltimore Ravens.

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“I remember once seeing a referee,” Manning recalled on the broadcast. “I knew that person. He’s a good guy. He called a bad call. I allowed him. I felt very bad. I asked for the NFL’s address after the game. I’m going to write him a letter of apology.”

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Manning continued: “I will not give his address. I will lay eggs at his house or something. I am going to write him a letter of apology!” The arbitrators did not write a letter of apology.

Manning said the referee thinks he is “stupid to date” because of the call he discussed during the game against the Miami Dolphins.