July 7, 2022

Bad Bunny to play Spider-Man Ally El Murdo in Sony’s Marvel movie – deadline

Is constantly looking to expand and diversify its universe Wonderful Utensils, Sony A. has announced El Muerto The film is being produced by a Latin Grammy Award-winning and platinum-selling recording artist Bad rabbit Connected to the star. The movie news came out during Sony’s team with Bad Bunny in a surprising look.

El Muerto’s sister Juan Carlos’ character is a super power wrestler who first fought. Spider man In a foundation wrestling match, he almost unleashes Webslinger before being stabbed by Spider-Man with an inactivating venom. After his oppressor El Torado comes to take his life, he is saved by Spider-Man, after which the two team up to defeat Torado.

El Murdo will be mentioned as the first Latin superhero to receive his own film in the universe of Marvel characters, which comes shortly after Sony’s recently dated. Madame Webb, This is the first female character to receive her own image from the Spider-Man universe.

Although not as popular as El Muerto Venom or Croven the Hunter, Sony’s haste to create this film and Bad Bunny’s stubbornness had a lot to do with finding the right superhero property for themselves. The superstar is making his debut in his main studio in the highly anticipated action film Bullet train On July 29th, a plan from Sony was very high and already led to Aaron Taylor-Johnson stepping down in the lead role. Croven the Hunter. It looks like a similar situation occurred with Bad Bunny with the highest performance in the final Bat Bunny scenes of the film.

Following the recent meetings to find the star vehicle for him, he started mining with many hypnotic things in his hands. Spider man The library for the Latin alphabet applies to him, and eventually comes across to El Muerto. The studio liked the idea and hopes to move fast on the project based on Bad Bunny’s busy touring and acting schedule.

Except Bullet train, He was also seen recently Narcos: Mexico And is Cassandro Gale Garcia comes out with Bernal. He also recently completed his stage tour El Ultimo Tour del Mundo.

He was represented by UTA and Remos Entertainment.

Sanford Panich, Chairman of the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, introduced the Bad Bunny on stage tonight. El Muerto Released January 12, 2024.

Panitch said Benito Antonio Marines Ocacio or Bad Bunny works Bullet train “A wonderful experience. David (Leach) was awesome. I wanted to work with him on my first film and now I have this opportunity. El Muerto For life. This is amazing, incredible. I like wrestling. I grew up watching wrestling, I am a wrestler. I’m a former champion, which is why I like this character. This is the perfect character for me and I think it will be epic.