December 6, 2022

Atlanta Falcons W.R. Julio Jones trades for the Tennessee Titans

Julio Jones gave the Atlanta Falcons a decade of dominance. Respecting his business demand, they returned the support.

NFL Network Insider Ian Roboport has reported that the Falcons have agreed to trade their star width to the Titans for at least a second round test. The deal will not be official for a few more days and Jones will have to take more physical action, Roboport added.

But after several weeks of speculation, Jones is getting his way. As it is A.J. Brown. The young broad receiver from Tennessee has been adding his “idol” for weeks, both personally and through social media, and has gone so far as to give Jones his 11th spot. Brown withdrew shortly after being told he could not be No. 1. Retired Hall of Fame Warren Moon.

The Titans are now adding the future Hall of Fame to Jones. The seven-time Pro Bowler has been the league’s top scorer in the last 10 seasons – and in almost any 10 seasons. His latest play does not mean he will fall. He worked out five consecutive All-Pro teams before working on a femur through the 2020 campaign. Despite appearing in just nine games, Jones still amassed 51 catches for 771 yards, 15.1 yards per catcher for his career average (15.2).

He leaves Atlanta, along with numerous rights and NFL records in his application, including getting yards (95.5) per game. He comes to Tennessee as an attractive part of what could be a championship puzzle. The Titans defended the AFC South champions and were removed one year from the appearance of a conference title game. But their early exit from last year’s playoffs was coupled with major flaws – the first of which was the transfer of Arthur Smith to his offensive coordinator duties as Falcons coach – changing expectations outside of Tennessee.

The inclusion of Jones immediately changes the description so that Atlanta can certify him after being selected in the first round of the 2011 draft. The 32-year-old will look a perfect fit alongside Ryan Danehill, who was one of the league’s most talented Downfield champions last year. With 1-2 punches and workload Derrick Henry has borne with Brown over the past two years, this is a key tactic for the Titans to move forward.