January 30, 2023

At least 70 people have been killed in a typhoon in Kentucky, with hurricanes pounding the south and southwest.

Kentucky was hit by several hurricanes, one of which traveled more than 200 ruined miles. At least 70 people have been killed in the state, and the number could rise.

As the devastation spread across western Kentucky, the bulk of the estimated death toll came from the only building southwest of the Mayfield candle factory, the small town of Mayfield. Authorities described the devastation there was almost incomprehensible, with corrosive liquids leaking into the concrete and metal knot occupied by cars and 55-gallon drums.

Jeremy Greisson, head of the Mayfield Fire Department and the city’s director of emergency medicine, said: Services.

The death toll from the candle factory could end up being “the single deadliest hurricane event in Kentucky history”. Bessier said.

Mayfield, a town of about 10,000 people in the western corner of the state known as Jackson Purchasing, was the site of the devastating devastation of the eruption. On Saturday, the grid of the city’s narrow streets was in a dangerous maze of fallen power lines and rubble, with the interiors of buildings pouring over the sidewalks. The main fire station and police station were attacked and several police cars were destroyed.

The first United Methodist church, consisting of a cave sanctuary with a stone faade, collapsed almost completely. On the two-lane highways that entered the city, the hurricane expressed its rage, with houses brick exteriors, roofless churches and sturdy trees broken down like branches.

Outside Jackie Nelson’s house, a reindeer, a Santa figure and a snowmobile full of gifts are strewn with pieces of roof over his lawn. Her windows were smashed, and a trailer was pushed into the trees near the house. She and her husband were lurking in the basement when local news warned of a deadly storm coming. Her husband’s sister did not do it, she said; His nephew is in the hospital.