December 10, 2022

Astros and Phillies David Robertson's Phil Matton misses playoffs after strange injuries

Astros and Phillies David Robertson’s Phil Matton misses playoffs after strange injuries

An MLB bowler angrily hit his locker after a rough outing. Another grew up gleefully celebrating his teammate’s race.

The feelings were different, but the results were the same: injuries that kept Houston Astros’ Phil Matton and Philadelphia Phillies’ David Robertson off their team’s postseason rosters.

Mattoon’s locker punch cost him a broken bone in his hand and no chance of participating in the 2022 qualifiers. Robertson will at least have to sit out of range National League Series against the Atlanta Braves after sustaining a calf injury.

“It was a short-sighted move, and in the end it was selfish,” Mattoon said on Tuesday. “It’s one of those things that I hope won’t affect our team’s progress.”

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Mattoon, 29, who has made 67 appearances this season for Houston, said he fractured a fifth metatarsal in his right hand after last week’s game against the Phillies.

Entering the game in the eighth inning, he scored one hit while hitting and gave up two hits, including one for his brother, Philadelphia, companion man Nick Matton. Phil Mattoon gave up a winning run in the sequence and was charged with another after being raised to another loyalist, who abandoned the sacrifice fly that brought Nick Mattoon home for the second of Philadelphia’s only two rounds in a 3-2 loss.

Mattoon said that in surgery on Monday, he had two screws on his right hand.

The Year 6 MLB veteran said the “most frustrating part” about his injury was that he thought he was “throwing the ball really well”.

“Even last month, when I had a 4.00 afternoon, my thought process was to have a really good month and try to put my body in good shape to be ready for post-season and have my best self for this time of year,” he told reporters at Minute Maid Park in Houston before the MLS series game with the Seattle Mariners.

“There are no excuses for what I did,” Mattoon added.

Robertson, who made 22 appearances for Philadelphia following a mid-season deal from the Chicago Cubs, was injured when he jumped into the dugout on Saturday after Phillies’ Bryce Harper arrived at St. The explosion of the second half of Philadelphia began in a 2-0 Beat the Cardinals to complete a two-game sweep of the first-round series, but now the Phillies must move forward without an experienced arm.

“It’s wrecked,” Phillies director Rob Thompson He said from 37-year-old Robertson on Tuesday, when the Philadelphia Braves faced the first game at Truist Park, Atlanta. “He really wanted to be involved in this series. He knows the scale of his role at this club, and he is very disappointed. Believe me, he will work and do everything in his power to get back as quickly as possible.”

Third-year pitcher Nick Nelson replaced Robertson on the Philadelphia NLDS roster. The manager said he and his staff “didn’t know” if Robertson would be available should the Phillies reach the NL Championship Series.

In place of Phil Matton, the Astros have named Rookie Hunter Brown to their ALDS roster. The right-hander made 0.89 ERAs over seven looks, including two starts and a 20-degree turn.

The Astros and Phillies got off to a great start on Tuesday. The Philadelphia girl leads six runs over Atlanta and gets stuck with 7-6 The win, then recovered Houston from his deficit in four games and got 8-7 Beat Seattle over Homer Jordan Alvarez by three games with two wins in ninth place.