December 6, 2022

As Mariupol, 1 million people fled Ukraine as Russia stepped up its offensive against Gerson

For the general public in the two major port cities in the south, the chances of it being evacuated were slim.

Sitting on the strategically important Dnieper River, Mayor Ihor Kolikov told NBC News on Thursday that “Russian troops have captured the city.”

He said he had given conditions to Russian forces, including that the Ukrainian flag should fly over the municipal building. He demanded a humanitarian walkway, no tanks in the city and to increase bread production.

Hennadi Lahuta, chairman of the regional council, posted on Facebook that the Russians “have completely occupied the building of the Kerson regional state administration.”

Kolikov said late Wednesday that there were “armed visitors to the city council building” and that there were no Ukrainian forces in the city, only civilians.

Ukrainian officials have previously denied Russia’s claims that their forces have full control of the city.

The Russian shelling destroyed residential buildings and playgrounds, and residents said food supplies in the city were declining.

“When they shell a lot, we sleep in our shoes, so we run away if necessary,” said Irina Kabaluk, 37, who took refuge in her apartment with her husband and their two children.

“We are staying in the apartment. We pray that we are not directly attacked.”

Also on the coast, Mariupol, a large city on the Sea of ​​Azov, was in Ukrainian hands but besieged and besieged by Russian forces, the city council said.

In a post in the Telegram, the council blamed Russia for creating a “humanitarian disaster” in the city and disrupting food supplies. Under the continuous shelling, the city’s vital infrastructure was damaged and there was no heat, water or electricity, while injured women and children were prevented from leaving the city.

In the west, Russian forces appeared to be keeping an eye on the Black Sea port of Odessa, warning the Ukrainian military that four landing ships and three missile boats were heading in its direction.

Ukraine’s top security official Oleksi Danilov wrote on Facebook, “The hottest destination of the day is Odessa.

While Russia was making progress in the south of Ukraine, it seemed to be stuck in the north.

Residential areas Several cities were attacked early Thursday, according to an update released by the Ukrainian military on Facebook.

Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city, and surrounding cities continued to face heavy shelling. In the last 24 hours, 34 people, including 10 children, have been killed and 285 injured, the interior ministry said in a statement.

NBC News did not verify the number of those killed.

Russia continues to refuse to target civilians, despite numerous sources. International Criminal Court The investigation has begun In the activities of Russia.

‘We have nothing to lose but our freedom’

The capital, which mobilized global leaders and local people, was the center of Ukraine’s resistance.

Western officials and experts believe that Putin’s goal is to overthrow Zelenskyy and bring his Western – friendly government to a regime that is more in line with the Kremlin, and to regain Kremlin’s influence over its neighbors three decades after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Putin’s forces did not approach a direct attack on Kiev on Thursday, but warned that Ukrainian troops would “re-mobilize” to attack the capital after Russian troops fought to make a breakthrough.

According to British military intelligence, a parade of tanks and armored vehicles about 20 miles outside Kiev caused mechanical breakdowns and Ukrainian security delayed its progress. “The column has made little progress in three days,” the country’s defense ministry said on Twitter.

Russia’s last major move towards Kyiv two or three days ago, a senior US official told NBC News. The official said Russia’s advance column was still about 25 kilometers (15 miles) north of the city.

“They are trying every day,” the official told Putin’s troops.

In an update on the Telegram, Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said: “The enemy is trying to break into the capital.

Houses and cars were damaged by the overnight bombs in residential areas, but no casualties were reported, he said.

In a video posted on social media as the conflict entered its second week, Zhelensky sought to boost morale.

In a telegram he wrote, “We can not lose anything but our own freedom. This is the greatest treasure for us.”

As he took his people forward to fight, Ukrainian negotiators flew by helicopter to Belarus for a new round of talks. Tweet By Zelenskyy Consultant Mykhailo Podoliyak.