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2016 has been an absolutely brilliant year for trance music on the whole! Each year, the pool of talent keeps growing majorly in comparison to the year that just passed.

Today, as we begin the new year, we look at a few artists who have really managed to raise the bar and have us all hooked to their music. We here at Trance Hub genuinely believe that they are going to churn out some massive tracks this year! Here are the artists you should keep a watch for!


Jason Ross


This Anjunabeats prodigy has been making waves in the scene over the past year! With brilliant releases such as “Coaster” and “Valor” to name a few, we expect him to be, in the very words of Above and Beyond “The future face of trance”.


Nick Sember


First he caught our attention as Rad from Norin and Rad. Then, he moved on to belting out beautiful singles from under his own name. Another Anjunabeats prodigy, we look forward to hearing a lot more from him.





Rogier de Kreuk, better known as Rodg is one well hidden gem in the dance music scene. Darting out solid productions and a brilliant album “High on Life” this young Dutch talent is definitely here to stay.




This Lithuanian artist is quite new to the trance scene and he already has had quite a few big releases this year on the coveted recording label “ Coldharbour”. Keep an eye on him, because it won’t take him long to make it big on the international charts




This Canadian producer and DJ currently signed to FSOE recordings has given us some brilliant music this year. His current single “Red Velvet” has got us super impressed!




Bernie Gums a.k.a Illitheas has had some super impactful releases in 2016! Let’s see what 2017 has in store for him. Blow our minds away with some legendary releases in this year Bernie! We have our eyes on you.


Alan Morris


Alan Morris has managed to garner the support from some of the biggest names in the current industry from Armin Van Buuren to Above and Beyond to name a few. Along with producing music, he has also been managing his own label Transistic Records.




A man that has been absolutely killing it in 2016! I don’t think one post will suffice to praise and almost fangirl over this Finnish legend! Delivering some absolutely mad tracks, this man will definitely own the deep house scene in 2017! Place your bets on this man, we warned you first 😉


Sagar Dawani



Hailing from Indore, this young and extremely talented producer and DJ has a lot to showcase in 2017. He believes that music is a language which at times can be more impactful than words. Well, his music speaks for him, and announces loud and clear to watch out for him!


2nd phase


 This Glasgow based duo has been wrecking havoc with their music in 2016. They have been impressing audiences with their exciting and energetic sounds and have even managed to get Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, and Aly and Fila latched on to their music. We really hope they keep moving with the same pace in 2017


Allan Morrow


Allan has had an absolutely monumental year! With some insane releases, to getting signed to some of the biggest record labels to even having his own studio, he is rapidly creating a massive fanbase for himself.

Amir Hussain


This UK based DJ and producer has had absolutely high profile releases on labels like Armada, Blackhole and Monster tunes. He will soon be making his debut on Coldharbour recordings in February. Well, 2017 is definitely beginning on a very good note for him!

Solis and Sean Truby


This dynamic duo have not only been pumping out some crazy tracks, but have also been handling and pushing out some great music from their own recording label “Infrasonic Recordings”. They have been hitting the decks at esteemed venues and events like Ministry of Sound and Goodgreef to name a few. 2017 seems to be their year of catapulting to fame!

Liam Wilson


Liam Wilson has had his roots firmly ground to the scene since the past 7 years. In the span of those seven years, he has mastered the skill of keeping the crowd gripped to every track he plays. He has had some amazing releases in 2016 too! This is definitely a good start for this rising trance star.

Sam Jones


This 23 year old DJ and producer has some of the most sought after releases in the current scene. His track “Charlie Charlie” sent chills down our spines. Well, if Bryan Kearney and Jordan Suckley vouch for the fact that he will make it big, there is definitely nothing stopping him.

Robbie Van Doe


 Robbie Van Doe has been producing some honest hard trance. His tracks have been picked and played for some of the biggest crowds and has surely got them raging on the dance floor.

Amateur Dance


This Australian producer took the dance scene by a storm when he released his EP “Love System”. Dreamhack had us swooning and asking for more. 2017 seems to be a lot more promising for him.

Farhad Mahdavi


Farhad believes that trance with emotions makes one feel alive. His tracks have been beautiful with tingling melodies which create a lasting impression in the mind of the listener. He has even had the opportunity to work with the legend, Paul Van Dyk for “Together Again”. We would love to see a lot more from him in 2017

Will Rees


Will Rees is a name one can surely not forget. Remember that brilliant remix of clear blue moon? Well, here is the man behind it! He knows what works in a club and can get an audience all pumped up. His first ever track “Noizea” was played by Judge Jules on BBC radio 1 and it already was the number 1 downloaded track. 2017 has a lot more in store for him.



Feliciano Moody better known by his stage name, Exis, has been creating some waves in the Australian dance scene. His recently released track, “ The Count” was played thrice on the famed radio show “A State of Trance” and was even voted the future favourite. 2017 can be his break through year!



Santos Torres has had a wonderful 2016 with some massive releases under his belt on some of the biggest record labels in the circuit. He is a versatile live performer and has managed to floor crowds with his magical tracks.



 The lovely lady, Natasha Brekke has always had a very strong passion for music. She began taking piano lessons at a young age and has managed to learn the skill beautifully. Her Facebook page is filled with live streams of her experimenting with melodies on her piano, and trust me, they all sound wonderful. She has definitely managed to win over the hearts of the crowds in Australia and Argentina. She has also started producing under a new moniker “Hybrid Theory” with Estigma. We can expect her to have a brilliant 2017!

Kiran M Sajeev


An absolutely brilliant producer. He has got a passion for making heart-touching melodies that will take you to another dimension. From collaborating with internationally acclaimed artists to getting on the beatport top 100 and getting featured on some of the biggest podcast in the trance network, this man has touched new skies and has made us more than proud! He is backed with support from some of the biggest names in the industry, including legends like Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Roger Shah, Ori Uplift, Manuel Le Saux and many more! To mention the number of famed record labels on which he has had his tracks released will leave us running out of space! We literally mean it! Go now and check his work!


Saad Ayub


This Toronto trance producer who is known for his fresh melodic and psychedelic sounds has been releasing brilliant tracks! His recent collaboration with Jennifer Rene was breathtaking. His music definitely gives us goosebumps. We can expect a lot more phenomenal work from him this year!

These are the artist we think you definitely should keep a watch for. Are we missing anyone out? Let us know in the comments below!

Also, to all the readers out there, we wish you a very happy and trance filled New Year! Have a great one!

Trance enthusiast. Armada Ambassador. Content writer. I’m not afraid of 138! Making people give Trance a chance.

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  • AndrewAndrew

    Author Reply

    Miss in list Eric Senn – in my opinion discover of 2016.

  • AnatolAnatol

    Author Reply

    Great overview based on a lot of knowledge 🙂 thanks! I would add Alessandra Roncone to the list, too. She will make the breakthrough for sure.. thanks again and keep going!! :))

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