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It’s always great to hear when legends decide that their episode in trance music is not yet over and that they are at least thinking of coming back to making the solid music.
We’ve recently heard about the sad news about Myon & Shane54 parting ways, but have you heard, that the legendary tech-trance lunetic Artento Divini is making his way back into the trance scene?
Many of you surely remember his legendary tracks like “Drop off”, “Lift Off” or maybe the immortal “Griffin”, well guess what – Art is back, stronger than ever and we took the opportunity to do an interview with him!

“…after three years it finally felt it was time for a new Artento Divini”

1)  Hello Artento, good to have you for an interview for our site, thank you, for taking the time. First of all, tell us: How have you been doing recently, when it comes to music industry?

Hi Zdenek 🙂 
First of all, thank you for the interview, I really apreciate it. I’ve been busy working in the studio, on all kinds of different projects in all kinds of different genres. But after three years it finally felt it was time for a new Artento Divini track. 

2) We’ve noticed that you went silent for a while regarding your DJ life, what was the reason behind that?

I needed my time to focus on upgrading my studio skills. To be honest, I’ve been experimenting a lot in my studio. Trying out new techniques, building some creazy sounds at crazy hours. That kept me away from dj-ing. But it was all worth it, I’m very happy with my new and improved sound.

EDM sounds much louder and cleaner “(that’s why it’s always written in capitals ;-)”

3) You were one of the producers/DJs that decided to create a different type of music than trance, if we can call it EDM, maybe? What was the main reason?

The main reason for that is, that I got a great oppurtunity to work as a producer in an amazing studio alongside very skilled engineers. To build an EDM track, you’re using very different tricks then when building a 2009 trance track. EDM sounds much louder and cleaner “(that’s why it’s always written in capitals ;-)”. For instance, limiters are often used on many channels when building EDM, not just on the master as how it’s “supposed” to be. Mastering a track has also changed quite a lot. At first you needed big studio’s to get a good master, nowadays everyone can master a track, on their laptop at home. Personally, for me the EDM loudness is too much, but it was a technical challenge for me to build an EDM track. I’ve learned a lot.

“So trance, but with a little hot sauce”

4) We’ve had you for an event in Czech Republic in April 2016 and you claimed that you are going back to trance, is it true? Are you making a complete comeback to the trance scene?

Yes that is true. After one of my friends passed away last fall, who was an absolute trance fan, I got inspired to do a new solo track. He’s always motivated me and was a very honoust man. Working on my new track therefor it had to have that signature pumping bass such as “drop off” or “lift off”. That’s the best energy for the dancefloor. So trance, but with a little hot sauce. 
609E736224A44D776B9DA846EC1C971B-artento-divini 13151540_10154321899096091_6493603748902576524_n

5) The world says, that the EDM “bubble” has bursted and that the so-called EDM rise is over, what do you make of that?

When a bubble bursts new music evolves. If the EDM rise is over, I’m really curious what styles will comeback from that. Trance will definitely be one of them. 

“Artento Divini – Hypercube”

6) TOP 5 trance tracks for you at the moment?

01. Artento Divini – Hypercube 😉 (not released yet)
02. Cosmic Gate – Explorations of space (Cosmic Gate third contact remix)
03. Gareth Emery ft Janet Devlin – Lost (Ferry Corsten remix)
04. Husman – Destiny
05. Ben Gold – I’m in a state of trance

7) Your favorite food? 🙂

Surinam’s food, from my mother in law 😉

8) Best fans in the world? Why?

For sure the trance fans, they know what they are talking about.
Thank you very much for your time regarding the interview, Artento! 🙂

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