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We’ve been waiting for so long for the impending Gaia album! Armin Van Buuren has been speaking about an upcoming album from his famed alias Gaia.

Infact, in a few interviews earlier this year, he even spoke about the same:

“I’m actually working on it as we speak. We’re setting up to be more of a live act and move away a bit from the DJing which I do as Armin van Buuren, but Gaia is more of a live act. It just takes a lot of time, with producing all these singles, doing the radio show every week, touring the world, and being a father and husband as well, it’s just hard to find time. We do have about twenty to thirty songs ready to go, we just need to bundle them and we need to get our heads around what we’re going to name it and what theme is going to be. I’m not worried about the music, I’m more worried about how we’re going to interpret the new sound into a stage theme. With Gaia, I have more creative freedom in the sense that I want to go more underground, more into that Tech sound, rather than the Armin van Buuren sound which is obviously more uplifting and melodic. With Gaia, I can explore more of my darkside, if you will, haha.”   – Armin Van Buuren


An eerie and mysterious back drop, and something in relation with moons of Jupiter, this is one for which we can’t hold our excitement back!

Check the original announcement below –

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