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Armin Van Buuren is famously labeled as the king of trance. And every time anyone denies it or criticises him for it, he never really says anything, but definitely does give back by proving them wrong. Last year, his set at the Untold Festival Main stage held in Romania exceeded it’s stipulated time and Armin went on to play a 5 and a half hour set. He got so carried away by the enthusiastic crowds and the vibe of the place, it moved him to tears and the fans got to witness  one of the best sets in his career.



After that incident, there was a lot of speculation about Armin’s set at the Untold main stage this year. And he successfully managed to surpass all expectations. He graced the attendees of the festival with an unforgettable 7 hour set. He also immersed himself into the crowds as he got emotional at the event. It was a beautiful moment to witness.


Untold with Fans

Couldn't do this without you guys, thanks a million! ❤️

Posted by Armin van Buuren on Monday, August 6, 2018


Over the past few months, Armin had severely criticised and lambasted by fans after the release of his recent tracks and his collaborations with artists who didn’t produce trance. He was accused to straying away from trance, becoming a sellout and turning commercial. With his set at Untold, he proved to fans all around the world that no matter what happens, his roots always belong to trance and he will always stay loyal to the genre.



Well, we can’t wait to see what goes down at Untold next year! Will Armin’s set extend further next year? Only time will tell. We’d suggest you to take your chances and get booking for next year. You never know, you may get to be a part of something magical!

Check out his set below!


Good to be back at the UNTOLD mainstage! Check out my live set!

Posted by Armin van Buuren on Sunday, August 5, 2018


Still going strong from the mainstage of UNTOLD!

Posted by Armin van Buuren on Sunday, August 5, 2018


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