November 29, 2022

Arizona Cardinals coach Cliff Kingsbury Vs. Permission to repeat Houston Texans

Glendale, Ariz.-Arizona Cardinals coach Cliff Kingsbury will return to Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans after destroying the NFL’s Govt-19 protocol.

Kingsbury did a positive test for Covid-19 on October 15 and lost to the Cardinals 37-14 in the Cleveland Browns last week. Kingsbury found three tests that day and a fourth test on October 16, a source told ESPN. The circle said the third-year coach was completely asymptomatic.

To return, Kingsbury needed two negative tests at 24-hour intervals. His first Saturday morning and his second Sunday morning. After his first negative test on Saturday, there was strong hope that Kingsbury would be sidelined again as Arizona appear to be advancing 7-0.

Defensive coordinator Vance Joseph said Kingsbury, who was vaccinated, was sent home for eight days but he was usually doing “everything” as head coach despite waiting for a negative test. Meeting Kingsbury head coach duties media.

“Obviously, the attacking game plan, this week he obviously made it,” Joseph said. “There have been a few virtual encounters with the attack staff and the entire staff. Obviously. So nothing has changed as to who is creating the game plan right now, it’s Cliff.”