December 8, 2022

Arbery’s lawyer at the inquest said, ‘We do not want black pastors to come here anymore

“We’m going to start a precedent. From yesterday, we’re going to bring top members of the African-American community into the courtroom and sit with the family during the trial in the presence of the arbitral tribunal. , Told the court following the lunch break. “Intelligence or ignorance may be an attempt to put pressure or influence the arbitral tribunal.”

In the majority of White Clin County, Georgia, the case is under investigation, and race played a key role in the case.

Last week, following a lengthy and controversial arbitration process, Judge Timothy Walmsley appeared to be discriminating in selecting jurors, but allowed the case to proceed. A black member of the group.
A few days ago, Koff complained of being under-represented in a group of elderly whites from the South who did not have four-year college degrees known as “Papa” or “Joe Six Pack.” Potential jurors to come.
The Rev. Al Sharpton Joined Arbery’s parents Wednesday and held a prayer vigil outside Cline County Court, calling for a fair verdict in the case and calling for Arbury’s murder. “A Massacre in the 21st Century.”

“The country has seen some positive milestones for the black community, such as the election of former President Barack Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris,” he said.

Sharpton was in the small courtroom Wednesday.

‘We want to keep politics out of this case’

The judge told Coville on Thursday that Sharpton would be inside and would openly take the place of the Arbery family member and that he had no objection as long as there were no obstacles.

With his comments on Thursday, Goff told Sharpton that “there is nothing against him personally,” but added, “We do not want more black pastors coming here or the other Jesse Jackson, who came here earlier this week, was sitting with the victim. The family to influence the arbitral tribunal in this case.” Trying. “

Civil Rights Chairman Rev. Jesse Jackson has not been seen in court since the trial began.

“I think the court can understand my concern about bringing in people who have nothing to do with anything other than political interests, and we want to exclude politics from this case,” Koff said.

In a statement, Sharpton called the lawyer’s comments “arrogant numbness,” which “underscores the value of the lost human life and the grief of the family in need of spiritual and social support.”

“My visit yesterday and in the days to come will not be disrupted in any way and was publicly stated at the invitation of the family of Ahmed Arbery,” Sharpton said. “This objection was clearly pointed out to me and a mother neglects to sit in the courtroom with the 3 men who killed her son, who is unworthy to have someone present to give her the spiritual strength to endure this pain. Salt in their wounds.

The black pastor says the lawyer is ‘really intimidated’

The famous black clergyman and social activist Rev. Fr. William J. Barber II, who was in Brunswick earlier on Thursday, left a member of his organization to stay with the family and summoned additional ministers in the days leading up to Sharpton.

“He can say whatever he wants,” he told CNN, referring to the lawyer’s comments. “He must understand that, as far as I am concerned, I am not a minister; I am first a pastor, I am a pastor of the people. When people were killed I had to go to families. I sat in courtrooms.”

When asked about Cowen’s objections that their presence would threaten the arbitral tribunal, Barber said the lawyer was “really intimidated.”

“It’s ultimately about the truth and this case is about white men walking around with guns … shooting an unarmed black man … which shows how contradictory this case is.” Barber said. “Truth scares people who want to run a lie.”

Judge 'deliberately discriminates' in Arbury jury selection, but allows trial to proceed with 1 block jury

Arbury’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, said, “I don’t think Cuff is really ready to do anything right, so he’s ready to do anything right.

“I think Ahmed will get justice if the arbitral tribunal takes into account the evidence presented by the government,” he said.

Gregory McMichael, his son Travis McMichael and Brian – Arbery are accused of throwing black jagger into vehicles. Killed him in that neighborhood On February 23, 2020, defense prosecutors said their clients were trying to arrest Arbery, a legal citizen, on suspicion of theft.
Two witnesses – A police sergeant And A detective – This week Gregory McMichael testified that he did not know if Arbery had committed a crime before pursuing him.

Responding to Cowen’s comments, Judge Wallsley said “the public is not going to be completely excluded from this courtroom until everyone respects the court process and there is no distraction within the courtroom.”

CNN has approached Jackson to comment on the lawyer’s objection.

CNN’s Niah Humphrey, Pamela Kirkland and Delano Massey contributed to the report.