February 5, 2023

Apple's Studio Display should work with Windows - including the webcam

Apple’s Studio Display should work with Windows – including the webcam

Apple website say that her New 27 inch 5K studio monitor It’s compatible with a wide range of Macs (and even some iPads), but the company has also told the edge It should also work fine when connected to a Windows PC. There are some caveats, of course, but if your computer is capable of outputting to it, the studio monitor should work like any normal monitor with a webcam and built-in speakers.

Webcam compatibility with Windows has been a bit questionable; The Apple website states that “Studio Display camera features and firmware updates require connection to a Mac.” While this language is unclear, Apple spokesman Alex Bender said the edge The 12MP camera built into the Studio Display should work as a normal USB webcam when using a computer.

However, he has confirmed that features like Center Stage will not be available. This is the case for other macOS-specific features as well, such as the spatial audio function or the “Hey Siri” function, despite the fact that the display has Built-in iPhone chip. While it seems theoretically possible that you can AirPlay music or summon Siri while your Studio Display is connected to your Windows PC (as if you had a HomePod next to your PC), Apple suggested that this kind of functionality is limited to a Mac.

And if that changes, you’ll have to borrow a Mac to refresh the display to support it.

Apple also notes that the screen resolution will depend on your device — not every computer is capable of outputting a 5K 60Hz signal via Thunderbolt or USB-C (although this is the case With LG Ultrafine 5K is very).

At this point, it’s worth noting that Studio Display probably wouldn’t be a great buy if you Just You have a Windows PC – if you are looking for a monitor with speakers and a webcam Much less expensive optionsIt is likely that many people will choose it Higher refresh rate panel More than an additional K of resolution. But hey, if you truly In Apple’s build, being a 5K junkie, or switching between a Mac and PC (which seems like the most likely scenario), it looks like you’d be perfectly fine with choosing a Studio Display. But maybe stay tuned for our next review to see if the new monitor is worth $1600 (ie Thank God it includes a positionbasic as it may be).