December 2, 2022

Black Friday promo image featuring iPad, MacBook, AirPods and Apple Watch

Apple Live Deals Blog: The best early Black Friday deals on iPad, MacBook, AirPods, and more


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We’re back with the AirPods, and this time a deal on a slightly older version of Apple’s iconic headphones — the Apple AirPods with Wired Charging Case (2nd generation), to be exact. Being 2 years old now, you can get these super high quality headphones for a really affordable price most of the year, but for now Amazon has another seven per cent off, which makes it a steal of just £129 (Opens in a new tab).

We should point out that this same model dropped to £99 in June this year, so this is definitely not the lowest price we’ve seen. Whether or not we’ll see this amazing show again over the coming weeks is anyone’s guess, but we’ll obviously let you know if and when it does.

MacBook Air laptop in a desk on a black desk

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Guys, these early Apple Black Friday deals are even better than I thought. Many 2022 Apple products are seeing really good savings, and this deal is no exception.

The all-new version is out MacBook Air (M2, 2022) has a £124 off retail price (£1,369), bringing it down to £1,225 (Opens in a new tab). Getting that much out of any of Apple’s ultraportable laptops would be nice, so seeing it in the latest offering is extra special. It’s hard to overstate the power of this unassuming-looking machine—read exactly what it can (in short, a lot) do in our depth. MacBook Air (M2, 2022) review (Opens in a new tab).

iPad 2021 10.2 inch

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Oooh, the Apple deals keep coming in this morning. If you’re looking for an iPad in the UK, Amazon has a great deal on Apple’s entry-level model. It usually starts at £369 2021 iPad (9th generation) currently £309.98 on Amazon (Opens in a new tab) – That’s just under £60.

That’s not the lowest we’ve seen for this model (with WiFi and 64GB of storage), it was down to £298 in August, but it’s not far off. The ninth-generation iPad was replaced by a new, more powerful 10th-generation version last month, but the fact that Apple has held back just goes to show what a great little machine it is for everyday use.

Apple watch 8

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Hi everyone, Kerry here again. It’s early morning in the UK, and I’ve been dreaming of Apple deals. Lo and behold, you’ve woken up to an all-new bargain Apple Watch Series 8 – now £399 at Amazon (Opens in a new tab). Okay, £20 off might not be the biggest discount, but anything on a new product like this can’t be sniffed. We saw some slightly better deals in October (during Amazon’s Early Access sale), so we may see more next week. But it’s not guaranteed, so if you’re looking for a new Apple smartwatch, this is a deal worth considering.

Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021

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If you want a bigger screen, I dug the best early Apple Friday deal on the MacBook Pro 16 too, and again it’s standard keeping. Amazon has Macbook Pro 16, 16GB RAM, 512GB RAM L.L.C $2,499 1999 dollars (Opens in a new tab). That’s a $500 discount – again a 20% savings. I just looked at the price history and can confirm that, like the deal on the 14 below, this is the lowest price yet for the base configuration of this MacBook since it was released last year.

14-inch MacBook Pro (2021) on a white background, showing an abstract blue desktop wallpaper

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Like I said, for most people’s needs, the MacBook Air will do great offering more than enough performance, especially if you opt for the 16GB configuration. But if you’re into video editing or producing complex 3D visuals, you might want the performance and efficiency of the M1 Pro or M1 Max-chipped MacBook Pros, which make for smooth work of work that’s even more demanding on a fee.

We’ve seen savings of around $400 on some heavy configurations for some time – those with 1TB or more in storage. But there are some great early Black Friday Apple deals on more affordable configurations right now. Amazon has 2021 MacBook Pro 14 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD for 1999 dollars $1,599 (Opens in a new tab). That’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen since the laptop was released, and a savings of $400, or 20%.

MacBook Air 2022

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I should note that there are discounts on the newer M2 2022 MacBook Air in the UK as well. The best price I’ve seen so far is on the Very, which has a basic 8GB configuration From £1,249 to £1,109 – a saving of £140 (Opens in a new tab).

MacBook Air 2020

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I’ve been scouring the web for MacBook deals again, trying to find the current best deal on an Apple laptop. For most people’s needs, the MacBook Air performs brilliantly, and we previously mentioned that B&H Photo has Apple’s latest laptop, M2 MacBook Air is reduced by $130 to $1,269 (Opens in a new tab) To configure 16 GB of RAM. If you don’t need that much memory, Amazon has cheaper 8GB configurations From $1199 $1,099 (Opens in a new tab).

But the cheapest MacBook we can buy right now – and I suspect for the whole of Black Friday – is the broken previous model M1. Amazon has 2020 MacBook Air reduced by $200 from $999 to $799 in the US (Opens in a new tab) And the From £999 to £877.99 in the UK (Opens in a new tab).

Apple Watch Series 7

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Stick with the Apple Watch for now, if you’re not set on the latest model, there are some decent early Black Friday Apple deals on the Apple Watch Series 7 right now on both sides of the Atlantic.

It’s Amazon again. In the United States, you can get Apple Watch Series 7 45mm GPS for $429 $369 (Opens in a new tab), though it appears discounts are only available on the 45mm red. In the UK, Amazon has domain Apple Watch 8 41mm for £369 £319 (Opens in a new tab).

Apple Watch Series 8

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Yesterday we were surprised to find an early Apple Black Friday deal on the new Apple Watch Series 8 Apple Watch Series 8 41mm GPS $399 $349 (Opens in a new tab) and the Apple Watch Series 8 45mm model $429 $379 (Opens in a new tab), saving $50. Not bad at all considering the watch was released just two months ago today.

Well, now there is good news for those in the UK too. Amazon UK has reduced the price of the Apple Watch 8 by £20. This means that you can get Apple Watch Series 8 41mm GPS for £419 £399 (Opens in a new tab). The 45 mm is £449 $429 (Opens in a new tab). Not as generous as the US deal, but still very welcome on such a new product.

These are the first discounts of any kind we’ve seen on Apple’s latest smartwatch, and they’re amazing for showing up so soon after its release and also so early, right before the official Black Friday week.

Apple Pro Display XDR

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Hey, this is Joseph Foley, taking over from Kerrie for a while as we continue tracking down the best early Black Friday Apple deals.

Now then, the Pro Display XDR is one of the most expensive products in Apple’s current lineup, so if you’re going to spend a small fortune for a monitor, you’ll really want to make sure it is when there’s a Black Friday deal on. And now there it is, if you’re quick. Amazon has a 32-inch Retina 6K display 32-inch Apple Pro Display XDR for $5,999 $5499 (Opens in a new tab).

Yes, it’s still very expensive, but it’s a $500 savings and the lowest price we’ve seen in over a year – Amazon last offered at that price for a few days in September 2021. If you can spray this much for a nice screen, you’ll have to be quick though that. There are only 16 left in stock now. Just remember to make sure you have some cash left over if you want a stand too – Apple is known for selling Pro Display’s Pro Stand separately and the VESA Mount Adapter is sold separately – for nearly $1,000 (Opens in a new tab).

Apple AirPods Pro product shot

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If you’ve now lost track of Apple’s iteration of the AirPods, you’re not alone. After a double (and triple) check, I can confirm that the latest model is the AirPods Pro (2nd generation), which retail for £249 in the Apple Store. However, if these are the wireless headphones you want, you can save on the cheeky sound of them Amazon UK, where it’s now £239 (Opens in a new tab).

iPad Pro 2022 product shot

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It’s time for you guys in the UK now. Once again, this deal comes with an all-new Apple 2022 product — this time it’s the iPad Pro’s turn. The 12.9in sixth-generation iPad Pro currently £1,319 at Very (Opens in a new tab)That’s £50 cheaper than if you were to buy that 256GB version directly from Apple.

It may seem like a lot up front, but divide that by the number of years this device will serve you and it offers excellent value – especially with an extra £50 off.

Apple MacBook Air 2022 product shot

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Well, surprise discounts keep coming. This time on the all-new MacBook Air (M2, 2022). Released in June this year, this powerful machine is a firm favorite here at CB, and now you can do just that Get $130 off Apple’s latest ultra-slim laptop at B&H Photo — now $1,269 (Opens in a new tab).

Buying this model, which features an 8-core chip, 8 GPU cores, and 16GB of memory, direct from Apple will cost $1,399, so this Black Friday deal will be hard to beat.

Apple iPad 2022 product shot

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Hello Apple fans! Kerry, CB editor here. I wasn’t expecting to start talking about amazing Apple deals for another week, but it seems retailers around the world can’t wait any longer — Apple Black Friday deals are here. Hello!

I have to say, those early deals we’re seeing are impressive (and trust me when I say I’ve seen more than a few to know when they’re good), but the official Black Friday event starts next Friday (November 25), so it’s worth noting that retailers may They retract their best shows until then.

But if you, like them, can’t wait to get involved, there are some pretty awesome discounts already. One of the best I’ve seen so far is at B&H, where you can get it $50 off the all-new 2022 Apple iPad (10th generation) — now down to $399 (Opens in a new tab). In a vibrant blue color and complete with 64GB of storage, this is the cheapest you’ll find on the web right now.