December 7, 2022

Apple CEO Tim Cook pays tribute to a 9-year-old Indian girl who developed an iOS app

Tim Cook personally praised her in an email.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has praised a 9-year-old Indian girl living in Dubai for designing an iOS app for iPhone. The girl, Hana Mohamed Rafeeq, had initially written to him claiming to be the youngest iOS developer. I developed the “Hanas” storytelling app which allows parents to record stories.

according to Gulf News report, In response to her email, in which she described her app and other accomplishments, the CEO of Apple praised her.

There are kid-friendly stories in Hana’s free iOS app. She was excited to create the app after realizing that few parents have the time to read to their children. At the time this app was created, Hana was eight years old.

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according to Gulf News report, In an email, Hana wrote, “I was introduced to coding at the age of 5, and I seem to be the youngest person in the world to achieve it. Plus, I almost avoided using any off-the-shelf code, libraries or classes in my app. I’ve manually written over 10,000 A line of code for this app. Please have a quick preview, “.

She also shared links to her works on YouTube.

according to Gulf Times ReportHana was asleep when her father, Muhammad Rafiq, first read the email. He said, “I woke her up and told her the news.” “I immediately sat down and ran to the bathroom. Normally, it takes several minutes to wake her up.”

Tim Cook wrote to her in his email, “Congratulations for all your great accomplishments at such a young age. Keep it up and you’ll do great things in the future.”

Hana stated that she had to write 10,000 lines of code to create a storytelling app that allows parents to record stories for their children with their own voice.

The idea came to her after watching a documentary. Before starting their day at work, parents can record stories for their children to listen to while they sleep.