December 6, 2022

Antonio Brown leaves the field in the middle of the Buchananers ‘victory over the Jets, with Bruce Arians saying he’s not a buck anymore’

Mitchell Leff / Getty Images

Antonio Brown May have said goodbye to the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘They trailed by 17th week play in the middle of the third quarter New York Jets By double digits.

Brown technically decided not to go out, took off his pads on the side and handed some of his equipment to the fans. Buchanan’s white receiver then raised his hands in the final zone – having taken off his shirt – and quickly left the stadium.

Buchanan’s head coach Bruce Arians described Brown’s situation after the game as “not a buck anymore”. After falling behind the Jets in two touchdowns, Arians went out 28-24 and asked the Arians to discuss who won the game. Per Go Bucks Radio, Brown was benched by head coach Bruce Arians before voluntarily leaving the game.

Arians spoke to Jay Glaser of Fox Sports After the game, he tried to get Brown to go to the game and Brown refused. Arians tries to get Brown back in, but he refuses and tells Arians Brown to get out. When asked if he saw Brown take off his jersey, Arians said he did and said he had never seen anything like it in my years.

Brown caught three catches for 26 yards in the game for five goals. There is no clear reason why he left the field like this unconditionally. Gen Hall, of Fox Sports, Mike Evans Brown tried to keep his bats but he could not because Brown decided to leave Tampa Bay.

Brown has taken 42 catches for 545 yards and four touchdowns this season. If he meets the following criteria, he could earn up to $ 1 million in contract incentives in the final two games of the year (To Spotrock)

  • 8 receptions
  • 55 yards
  • 1 dt

There was still money for Brown, but not a bar for the four-time All-Pro and 2010 All-Decade selection – especially after benching. It appears Brown may have played his final film in the NFL.