February 2, 2023

Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Danielle, 15, enjoys Janet Jackson's party with dad Larry Birkhead

Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Danielle, 15, enjoys Janet Jackson’s party with dad Larry Birkhead

Larry Birkhead, Janet Jackson, and Daniellene Birkhead

Larry Birkhead/Instagram

daniline and dad Larry Birkhead We enjoyed a very special night together over the weekend.

15-year-old daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith Attending her second concert Janet Jackson in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her father, 49, the couple had to go behind the stage after the show to take some pictures and hang out with the singer herself.

“Heading to Janet Jackson’s second Danylin (Million) party in Cincinnati while we’re sitting here debating which one of us is Janet’s biggest fan.” Larry wrote along Pictures him with his daughter before the ceremony.

After the show, the father-daughter duo posed for a photo with Jackson, who Larry said “killed” him during the party.

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After hours of singing, dancing and sweating Tweet embed We have to hang out Tweet embed She killed him, managed to include all her songs, sing and dance in the hot weather and still find time for two of her fans,” he wrote. A wonderful weekend. How attractive is Janet 👀 ❤️? “

In May, Larry and Danielle Spent the day at another big event: the Kentucky Derby.

Prior to the event, the duo attended the 33rd annual Barnstable Brown Kentucky Derby Eve. There, Danielle channeled her inner Jackson, wearing the exact outfit that Jackson, 55, had worn at the same event nearly two decades ago.

In fact, Larry revealed that the clothes Danylin wore were the property of the Escapade singer at Instagram share.

“Out to a Barnstable-Brown Party with Dannielyn,” the photographer captioned a series of posts before revealing that his daughter’s outfits were the same as those worn by Jackson in 2003. Noting that her ensemble was “purchased as part of Janet Tweet embed For charity, Larry continued, “Ironically, Janet is expected to attend tonight.”