September 30, 2022

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 25: (EDITORS NOTE: Image has been edited using digital filters) Anna Kendrick attends The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Opening Gala at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on September 25, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/WireImage,)

Anna Kendrick opens up about an abusive relationship before ‘Alice, Baby’

“I’ve seen, frankly, a lot of movies that talk about abusive or toxic relationships, and it didn’t really sound like it did to me,” Kendrick said of her new movie, “Alice, Darling.”

Anna Kendrick She revealed that she survived emotional abuse.

a star “AliceAnd the lovable,” which is set to debut at TIFF this year, opened up talk about connecting with Alana Francis’ screenplay about a woman who dissociates herself from a toxic relationship with her boyfriend Simon (Charlie Carrick), who cuts her off from her friends, played by Kanehtiyo Horn and Wonmi Musako Alice Darling directed by Marie Nighy (Industry).

“I was coming out of my personal experience with emotional abuse and psychological abuse,” Kendrick said. People When I first read the text, which “resonated”. “I think my representative sent it to me, because he knew what I was dealing with and sent it with me. Because he was like, ‘That kind of talks about whatever you’ve been talking to me about.'”

The Love Life actress added, “I felt really special because, frankly, I watched a lot of movies about abusive or toxic relationships, and it didn’t really look like it was happening to me. It kind of helped me normalize and lessen what was happening to me, because I thought , “Well, if you’re in an abusive relationship, you’ll look like that.”

Kendrick continued that she was in “a situation where I loved and trusted this person more than I trust myself” and believed her partner when he said she had a “distorted sense of reality” and was “impossible”.

“Your life gets really confusing very quickly. And I was in a situation where, in the end, I had the unique experience of discovering that whatever I thought was happening was actually happening,” Kendrick shared. “So I had the kind of starting point for feeling and recovering that a lot of people don’t get.”

Thinking about ‘what really happened’ during her previous relationship proved to be ‘the hardest job of my adult life’.

“My body still thought it was my fault,” she said. “So even with this tangible jumping-off point for me, getting out of that relationship knowing I’m not crazy, it’s just unbelievable the way the recovery has been so hard.”

Kendrick also shared with director Negi what she was recovering from at the time of production.

“I remember my first Zoom meeting with director Mary Nighy, where I revealed to her what I was going through. And I told her, ‘It all happened very recently. In fact, it happened so recently that if the movie was shot in a month, I probably wouldn’t. “But it was several months away. So I wasn’t in danger of re-traumatizing myself. But yeah, it’s definitely a unique experience.”

Overall, “Alice, Darling” felt “incredibly healing” and “curative” for Kendrick, who is now preparing to make her directorial debut with “The Dating Game” based on the haunting true story of the 1970s matchmaking show “The Dating Game” contestant Sheryl Bradshaw, who chose Rodney Alcala as her husband and wife winner. But unbeknownst to Cheryl, who will be played by Kendrick in the film, Alcala is a psychopath killer.

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