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With the release of his debut album last year in ‘Circadian’ – British producer Anki graduated from up-and-coming YouTube sensation to multi-million streaming success. The young producer’s unique sound & prolific work ethic has resulted in his second LP – ‘Bloom’.

Featuring & opening with lead single ‘Our Escape’ with Mouse, Anki’s latest LP effort brings a generous helping of 12-all new tracks to the fore – flowing through Anki’s unparalleled diversity, ‘Bloom’ delivers the full spectrum of Anki’s sound.

From the his traditional, glitchy nuances of ‘Our Escape’, ‘My Head’ featuring Listing & ‘Down The Line’ featuring Trove, through to experimental cuts like ‘Interlude; Distant’ & ‘For Infinity’, Anki’s approach delivers a well-rounded, complete record that’s full of hidden gems.


  1. Anki feat. Mouse – Our Escape
  2. Anki feat. Listing – My Head
  3. Anki – Stride
  4. Anki feat. Trove – Down The Line
  5. Anki feat. Indigou – Above
  6. Anki – Lost
  7. Anki – Interlude; Distant
  8. Anki feat. HICARI – Just A Game
  9. Anki feat. Miles Away – No More Promises
  10. Anki feat. Vini – Brand New
  11. Anki – For Infinity
  12. Anki – No One Knows

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