January 30, 2023

Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update: Best New Additions

Surprise! Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Massive 2.0 update Released early Wednesday evening. Originally scheduled for release on Friday, November 5th New horizons Updated a day earlier on the Nintendo Switch.

Now, the fans are eager to uncover all the treasures hidden in it, boys, did they score gold. Although there are plenty of known additions – like visit Brewster Cafe And return Familiar faces like Kapp’n – Fans have already discovered some even more exciting new features.

This update is a real treasure trove of new details, and fans have posted numerous screen shots showing how excited they have been so far. Includes everything from stunning new items (including the whole volcano you can add to your island) to the new first-person camera. We also see the addition of unannounced characters New horizons Directly in October, Like Isabel’s brother Digby. Here’s all we saw fans chatting online when people started to dive into the update.

New first-person camera with fish eye lens

The New horizons The 2.0 update adds a new set of features to your mobile camera. Now, players can take first-person photos and add filters. This not only brings a new perspective, but also allows people to take beautiful and goofy photos of their villagers using the new camera’s fishy lens.


The movable and immovable statues of the Animal Crossing world are back in large quantities. There is an update Added loads of chyroids, All with their unique characteristics. Here are some particularly beautiful and weird ones that people have posted.

More familiar faces came back

Animal Crossing favorites are not yet available New horizons To Returned in surprise. Now you can play with Digby, Isabelle’s brother and the whole family of the cup. Oh, and Resetti finally made her big return. Gang everything here!

New decorative items including volcano and CPR dummy

An Animal Crossing fan account, according to their estimates, added more than 3,000 items to the game. Fans have been choosing a few items that stand out for themselves, including Full Volcano (don’t worry, it’s inactive) and CPR Dummy. A lucky fan also met the gamer system, which also has a reference to a chat processor called Discord.

Introduction: Bear blush bag, and other beautiful accessories

New items mean new ways of approaching and decorating villagers. There are plenty of new trendy items, and a lot of people have already pointed out one note: a silk bear pack. That pack comes with many beautiful pastel bags that fans will be excited about.

The update is now less than a day away, and fans have already pointed out a number of new additions. Beyond that, the players are excited about the new quality of life features and finally a recipe that will allow you to. Use all sea bass. Oyster for Animal Crossing World fans for now!