August 15, 2022

Angels put Mike's trout on IL with rib cage infection

Angels put Mike’s trout on IL with rib cage infection

Angels announced that Mike Trout He was placed on the 10-day list of those infected with left rib cage inflammation. They also announced Previously mentioned Player Claim Phil JocelynThis is the defensive player Monty Harrison He had removed the concessions and was transferred to Triple-A Salt Lake.

At this point, there was no indication from the team as to how long they expect Trout to be out of business. He’s been missing some time recently due to back spasms, although the club has avoided putting him in IL so far. Perhaps they were waiting for the All-Star break, when a minimum absence of 10 days would have been less painful, although another word would surely come from the angels in due course.

Trout was fairly healthy in the early parts of his career, playing no fewer than 114 games in the eight seasons from 2012 to 2019, and only coming in less than 134 games in one of those seasons. Follow that by participating in 53 of the club’s 60 games in the abridged 2020 season. Last year, however, he only made it to 36 competitions, as his calf problem that didn’t look serious at first eventually persisted and ended his season.

This year, he has made 79 of the club’s 92 appearances so far, which is already more than double his total last year. It showed no signs of slowing down in terms of overall production, coming in at an excellent .270/.368/.599 against an excellent 168 wRC+. He’s 3.8 wins over replacement already, according to FanGraphs.

No matter how much time is wasted, this is another disappointing setback in a season full of angels. Despite a hot start to the year the club was 24-14 in mid-May, they’ve played a miserable 15-39 since then and are now 39-53 overall. The club is 10 1/2 games away from a playoff point and appears more likely to sell than add on the deadline. With that in mind, it makes more sense to give Trout some time to get healthy, rather than pushing him and possibly exacerbating the problem.

As for Harrison, he was signed to a minor league deal in the off-season after being released by the Marlins. Although potentially highly rated, his strike problems prevented him from living up to his athletic potential. Despite a 35% strike rate in the minors this year, he was selected into the big league for some bench/running/defensive substitution duties. He played nine games but made only 14, knocked out in eight, before playing for the DFA. Having previously been a full-timer in his career, he has the ability to decline outright assignment and elect free agency, although it is not yet clear which path he took.