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– Hi Andy, always a pleasure to have you on Trance Hub. When you started off AVA Recordings did you ever think you will reach 150 releases?

Hi Trancehub. Thanks for having me. I don’t think I thought too much about 150 releases of the label at the time, but if I did then I would have hoped to have reached 150 releases. I don’t see why not, as we always want to create quality music, and I believe that there is always a place in any market for quality.

– Tell us more about your latest release with Somna – Look back?

This was a tune that I first heard as a melody from Ben. We both loved it and wanted to develop it into AVA150, as a tune that didn’t sway too much into the modern style but just kept this melody building and building. We ended up spending a lot of time on it, making each element shine through and added more depth than originally anticipated. But this is what happens when we get too involved in a tune.

– Give us a little sense of the team at AVA Recordings, who does what?

The main man is Ben (aka Somna) who without which, we wouldn’t be on 150 releases. He is extremely important to the label and excels at everything. We have the wonderful Robbi, who is our creative spark and little piece of energy. She helps with all aspects of the label, from our online presence to creative writeups and general ideas.

– A lot of labels have introduced label nights, do you plan to go that way as well?

We have considered hosting rooms / stages at events, but at the moment nothing suitable has come along. We are working with some partners to make this happen.

– Starting and maintaining a label means increased responsibility, does it affect your own production cycles and tour schedules?

It can do. It means less time to think about other things, and certainly means a bit of sacrifice for my own career for the love of keeping the label alive. If I was signed up a major label I would simply need to concentrate on making music, and making sure my hair looks nice whilst the label does everything including the promotion, investment etc meaning I would become bigger as an artist. Instead, I prefer to have some integrity in my style of music and control more of what goes on.

– Over the last 10 years who has been your find for the scene – artist wise?

Somna is one of the most underrated producers our there. Incredibly hard working and talented, and such a great humble guy. He is due a major breakthrough as his sound is becoming perfected and punches above the noisey PR hype surrounding others.

–  You’ve played quite a bit in China this year, how is the clubbing experience there and trance fraternity is strong?

I love playing in China and all over Asia. To some clubbers it is their first time hearing trance music, and it’s great to introduce them to the music and see how it affects them. Obviously there is also a very strong trance following too, many fly all over China to catch each event and they are extremely passionate.

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Co-Founder of Trance Hub, Curator of The Gathering events in India and ALT+TRANCE in Czech Republic. By day, a Digital Marketing Enthusiast with love for Food and Technology. By night, a dreamer who wants to grow the Trance scene in India.

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