July 4, 2022

Local residents stand in a courtyard near a destroyed residential building in Mariupol, Ukraine, on Sunday, April 17.

An official said that Russian forces will close Mariupol from Monday. This is the situation in the besieged city

Firefighters work to put out a fire in an apartment building after a Russian attack in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Sunday, April 17 (Andrew Marienko/AP)

The city of Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine has suffered Another day of heavy bombardmentaccording to regional officials.

Oleg Senegubov, head of the administration of the Kharkiv region, said on Telegram: “Today, in broad daylight, there was a bombing of the central part of the city, the residential district of Saltivka from the MLRS. [multiple rocket systems] and artillery. Unfortunately, 20 people were injured, and 5 people were killed. Residential buildings and other civilian infrastructure were damaged.”

Ihor Terekhov, the city’s mayor, said residential areas were attacked in the morning, and rockets were fired at the city center in the afternoon. He said dozens of buildings were damaged, and among the dead and wounded.

Terekhov said that the Russians did not give up “attempts to destroy the civilian population of Kharkiv, to spread panic in the city and break our soul. However, the enemy cannot harm the will of Kharkiv, the will of Ukraine. We Ukrainians. Today I was convinced of this when I saw how a medic covered a wounded woman.” during the bombing.

Terekhov wrote on his Telegram channel that Russian forces “continue to violently bombard the city. Therefore, I urge you once again, if possible, to stay in the shelter and metro stations.”

On Sunday afternoon, the state emergency services said, “18 addresses were injured in Kharkiv as a result of enemy shelling in the central part of the city. Apartments on the fourth and fifth floors of a five-storey building caught fire.” It added that 160 firefighters and 33 equipment are involved in putting out the fires.

Senegubov said that despite the attacks, Ukrainian forces were pushing the Russians back to the east of the city. He claimed that several villages 25 miles (40 kilometers) southeast of Kharkiv had been liberated.

If true and if Ukrainian gains continue east of Kharkiv, Russian efforts to resupply forces are gathering in eastern Ukraine for Offensive in Donbass It may be obstructed. Last week, Ukrainian special forces destroyed a bridge on one of the supply routes south of Kharkiv.