December 10, 2022

AMD announces Radeon 7000 (RDNA3) livestream event on November 3rd

AMD announces Radeon 7000 (RDNA3) livestream event on November 3rd

AMD Radeon 7000 Going Live Now Officially November 3rd

It seems that the wording Originally RDNA3’s declaration was inaccurate. Today, AMD confirms that on this date there will be a live broadcast with the unveiling of the product, but unfortunately, it doesn’t say anything about the “launch”.

AMD Radeon RX 6000 series (RDNA2), Source: AMD

On the 3rd of November, AMD will host a live broadcast called “Together We Progress_the games“, Continuing in August” Together We Progress_Computers“An event dedicated to the AMD Ryzen 7000 series. The GPU event will likely only follow suit by providing the most important information about the new Radeon series, such as product names, design, and performance. The company should also confirm exact launch and pricing dates.”

AMD hosts a livestream event to reveal the creation of AMD RDNA 3 graphics

AMD (NASDAQ:AMD) today announced its Together We Advance Games, a live event to reveal the next generation of AMD Radeon™ graphics. AMD executives will provide details of the new, high-performance, energy-efficient AMD RDNA™ 3 architecture that will deliver new levels of performance, efficiency and functionality for gamers and content creators.

Showing starts at 1:00 PM PT on Thursday, November 3 on AMD’s YouTube channel. The reboot can be accessed a few hours after the event wraps up at

The event is planned for 1 PM PT, which is a little later than usual. This means that Radeon fans from the eastern side of the globe will have to wake up early to watch:

  • CET: 21:00
  • China (Beijing): 04:00 AM
  • Australia (Sydney): 7:00 AM

According to rumors, the actual product launch is expected by the end of November, just before the holiday sale season. AMD is likely to announce its enthusiast Radeon 7900 series first, with high-end and mid-range products to follow later.

source: AMD