October 5, 2022

Amazon EA acquisition report refuted by CNBC

Amazon EA acquisition report refuted by CNBC

Update 1.40pm in the UK: CNBC shut down a report from USA Today that said Amazon was prepared to make an imminent takeover bid for FIFA maker EA.

Speaking live in the past few minutes, analyst and co-presenter David Faber said: “I’ve spoken to some people who are already going to know if something is going on, and they say nothing is going on. Those are the people who are going to be involved, who are actually involved when Our parent company was speaking to Electronic Arts.”

There is a snippet of the clip below:

“EA has definitely been around in the past a bit, given what it might be doing, you can imagine Amazon might have some interest…” Faber continued. “But no, that wouldn’t happen today, from what I hear, unless the people who were involved previously had no idea.”

This morning’s previous report set EA’s stock price briefly on the rise.

Faber’s update to today’s report also included details of a previous bid to buy EA by NBCUniversal, which ultimately failed.

Earlier today, an EA spokesperson told Eurogamer that the company had not commented “on rumors and speculation regarding mergers and acquisitions.” [mergers and acquisitions]”.

Original story 12.50pm UK:Online retail giant Amazon will announce an offer to buy FIFA publisher EA, a new report has announced.

USA TODAY Sources indicate that Amazon will officially announce its offering later today. There are no details yet on how much it will offer.

EA has recently been the subject of several acquisition rumors, with Apple and Disney also claiming to be among other interested parties.

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A USA Today report claims that Amazon may look to use EA franchises like Dead Space, or BioWare’s Mass Effect and Dragon Age, as settings for new Amazon-made TV series.

“We do not comment on rumors and speculation regarding mergers and acquisitions [mergers and acquistions]an EA spokesperson confirmed to Eurogamer today.

2022 was a historic year for mergers and acquisitions in the video game industry, with Microsoft’s still-working plan to buy Activision Blizzard for nearly $70 billionAnd the Sony devours Bungie for $3.6 billionAnd the Take-Two buys Zynga for $12.2 billion.

Electronic Arts has 12,900 employees worldwide across dozens of development studios, and is home to franchises such as Battlefield, Need for Speed, Dead Space, and The Sims, as well as FIFA, Madden, and NFL games across its EA Sports brand.

Among the studios it owns are BioWare, home of Dragon Age and Mass Effect, and Respawn, maker of Apex Legends and Titanfall.