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Aly & Fila – The most prolific trance music duo of the modern era have announced the theme of FSOE 500 – Chronicles. They hosted their 488th episode on Monday 20th March, 2017. We are just 12 episodes away from FSOE 500. Here’s what they announced on their social media

“Its not every year that we get to celebrate 500 episodes of our radio show so we decided to make this one even BIGGER! See you at #FSOE500 #TheChronicles

Any guess where?”

FSOE 500

So FSOE 500 will be held somewhere in June, 2017 this could well mean a European country getting an outdoor event, or could it be Egypt itself or maybe somewhere in Asia. They could even host multiple gigs in various countries. Where do you want to attend the big event, let us know!


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  • SKSK

    Author Reply

    Analysing the image, the red highlight of the ‘Emu’ hieroglyphs on the helmet aligns nicely with a Reddit post I read late last year where a patron claimed A&F announced at the end of a Sept 2016 Sydney show that they would be bringing FSOE500 to Australia.

    I have attached that link below, not sure if this is true, but as a Sydney-sider I would love this to be true! 🙂

  • SelinaSelina

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