December 5, 2022

All-Pruning Little League went on to win in World Series history

The only woman competing in 2021 is Ella Pruning Little League World Series, She became part of Friday night history.

Pruning plays for his Abilene, Texas, team and represents Southwest in the series. He was 2-for-2 with a run to the team’s win 6-0 on Friday night against Washington State.

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“It was very good because it was not expected, because I did not have the best success. The first two wins of that season were … Don’t tell anyone,” he said via the LLWS social media account.

She is the third woman to record multiple wins in a Little League World Series game and the seventh woman to record a win. She is the 20th woman to attend the event.


Texas coach Brian Pruning said of his team, “Texas coach Brian Pruning,” They had good quality bats. USA Today. “We told them, they raise their heads and fight, it came to us in the last inning.”

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Texas is about to capture the Great Lakes area that Michigan represents. The game is set for Sunday at 1 p.m.