February 8, 2023

Alaska US Representative Dan Young has died at the age of 88

Alaska U.S. Representative Dan Young passed away Friday, his office said.

His office statement said his wife, Anne, was by his side.

“We announce with deep heart and deep sorrow that we announce today that Alaska’s Dean and Honorary Champion, Congressman Dan Young, passed away on his way home to Alaska to be with the state and the people he loved,” the statement said.

Jack Ferguson, a campaigner who served as Young’s CEO, said Young lost consciousness on a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle and could not be resuscitated.

“Everyone is learning about it this time. The phone turns off the hook, ”Ferguson said in a telephone interview on Friday. “I’m sorry to have lost such a good friend and a person I know who has had his political career.”

Young, a Republican, has served in Congress since 1973, winning a special election and taking office.

Young ran for his 25th term and 26th; He is scheduled to raise funds in Juna and Anchorage next week.

Ferguson said he was interested in serving two more years at the US House, which he hopes will be transferred from Democrats to Republicans.

“That was his goal, and he felt he could best serve the state in the position he had held for so many years,” Ferguson said. “He was vibrant, he had a lot of energy, he was very clear, he spoke clearly about what he wanted to achieve, he set the goals he wanted to achieve and he was happy to run.”

State law GOP must hold a special election to fill Governor Mike Dunlewy Young’s position within three months, and not less than two months from the date of his death.

It is a growing story and will be updated.