December 6, 2022

Airlines are struggling to reschedule amid US5G release concerns

January 19 (Reuters) – Major international airlines have rushed to reschedule or cancel flights to the United States ahead of the release of 5G wireless, which has raised security concerns, despite two wireless carriers claiming delays in deployment.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) warned that 5G interference, which could play a key role in bad weather landings on some jets, could affect altitude measurements and initially attracted attention on Boeing 777 models.

Despite the announcement from AT&T and Verizon Pause 5G output Near airports, many airlines have still canceled flights or changed flight models.

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Late on Tuesday, the FAA began updating its guidance on which airports and aircraft models would be affected, which is expected to dramatically reduce the impact of the nearly 1,500 announcements of 5G restrictions issued by the regulator.

Dubai’s Emirates, the world’s largest operator of the Boeing 777, has announced that it will suspend flights to nine US destinations from January 19, the scheduled date for use of 5G wireless services.

Emirates will continue to operate flights to JFK, Los Angeles and Washington DC in New York.

Japan’s two largest airlines, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines (9201.D), Boeing 777 aircraft are said to be reduced. The ANA has said it will cancel or replace aircraft used on some U.S. flights.

Lufthansa of Germany (LHAG.DE) It said it had canceled flights from Frankfurt to Miami and was replacing the aircraft used in some US services with the Boeing 747-8 to 747-400. Subsidiary Austrian Airlines will change its Newark service from 777 to 767.

Korean Airlines (003490.KS) Of the six U.S. passenger and cargo planes, 777 and 747-8 were diverted, Taiwan’s China Airlines said it would modify some flights and Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways would use different aircraft types if needed.

The airlines said they were acting in response to Boeing’s notice (BA.N) The radio altimeter on the 777 can interfere with 5G signals, which can lead to restrictions.

Boeing’s spokesman did not immediately comment.

According to FlightRadar24 data, last year’s 777 was the second most used whiteboard aircraft to and from US airports, behind 217,000 aircraft and 767 aircraft.

Industry sources said Boeing had provided technical advice on possible disruptions, but flight controls were in the hands of the FAA, which has limited operations at major airports until airlines qualify for special permits.

Emirates Airlines Boeing 777-300ER aircraft arrive at Dubai International Airport in Dubai on February 15, 2019, United Arab Emirates. REUTERS / Christopher Pike / File Photo

Radio altimeters access accurate measurements of altitude above the ground and assist in automatic landings, as well as verifying that the jet has landed before allowing reverse thrust.

Air India, which serves four US destinations with Boeing 777s, said it would reduce those flights or face changes in flight types from Wednesday.

Singapore Airlines (SIAL.SI) He said the aircraft was modified to be used on selected US routes based on Boeing’s guidance and in consultation with its controllers.

Workhorse Jet

The cancellation announcement came despite a delay in wireless carriers turning on some 5G towers near major airports.

Aviation sources said the decision came too late, affecting complex flights and crew decisions for some Wednesday flights.

British Airways has decided to change its daily flight from Los Angeles to Airbus (AIR.PA) Two people familiar with the matter told Reuters that the A380, from the regular Boeing 777 service.

Atlanta is not subject to 5G-related restrictions, according to Flight Radar 24, a web observer who said cargo airlines such as Aerologic and Polar were diverted to Cincinnati.

Flytrador 24, A350 can also be used, he said. The radio altimeters on two Airbus jets have been destroyed, while the aircraft manufacturer evaluates its other models.

A spokesman for Flytrador24 said the 777 mini-jumbo was the working horse of the long-haul long-distance market following the Covit-19, while its cargo plane had redesigned the airline map during epidemics.

All 777 aircraft were not affected. Emirates uses the larger A380, switching to larger flights to Los Angeles and New York, but flying the 777 to Washington, which will not be affected.

Qatar Airways, which operates 777 and A350 flights to the United States, said all 12 of its US routes were operating as planned and minor delays were expected on flights from the United States to Doha.

Israel’s El Al and Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways said their services had not been affected.

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