October 1, 2022

Ahmaud Arbery trial and verdict news

Paul Camarillo, Linda Dunikowski and Larissa Olivier (CNN)

CNN said the jury, which included 11 whites and one black man, was investigating the three men’s investigation into Ahmed Arbery’s death, but that prosecutors told CNN that after hearing their arguments, they decided to find all three. guilty feeling, They did.

“I was optimistic based on the evidence we presented in the case that the arbitral tribunal would look into what really happened and bring justice to the Arbery family,” said Linda Dunikowski, Cope County’s senior assistant attorney. “After we selected the arbitral tribunal, we looked at them and realized that we have very, very smart, very intelligent, honest jurors who are going to do the job of looking for the truth. If not, they will look at the evidence and we realized that they will do the right thing.Come back today with the right judgment that we felt they did.

One of the main goals of the lawyers is to show that Cope County Senior Assistant District Attorney Paul Camerillo is arguing that the defendant’s defense is not a plausible argument.

“We had to show that it does not apply in this case, and if they can not overcome that obstacle, they can never come to the defense,” Camerillo said.

Cobb County Assistant District Attorney Larissa Ollivierre said when a defense attorney started talking about Arbery’s toenails, he said he was sorry for Arbery’s parents.

“I think the comments were unnecessary and they were lacking. I’m sorry to have to hear Ahmed’s mom and dad and all of those things sitting there,” Olivier said.

Dunikovsky said defense lawyer Kevin Cowen’s comments about black clergymen – even if they were made without an arbitral tribunal – were strategic.

“Mr. Koff is a very good lawyer. I believe he did it deliberately and intentionally and strategically, in case he lost the case and it goes to appeal, in an attempt to insert some error in the case.”