February 8, 2023

Aaron Rodgers wears a ‘I was hurt’ T-shirt during an advertisement for a golf tournament

Play in between Aaron Rodgers And this Green Bay Packers Reached new heights on Tuesday during the video call Tom Brady, Bryson DiCambo, and Bill Mickelson prepare for their golf tournament next month.

Rodgers, who wore “I was hurt” on his shirt during the call, was described last week by Packers president Mark Murphy as a “complicated Fella”, and many suspect that Rodgers’ response to those comments came with that simple message.

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During the call, Rodgers was asked how his office had been so far.

AARON RODGERS is a ‘complex fella’, operated by bakers

“This is one of the quietest offices …” Rodgers replied sarcastically. “That’s all you can hear as an old player in the league and someone who has been around for a long time. Enjoy that time for yourself, relax, not worry, no duties or anything happens. I think this is the office.

“It’s really about enjoying my time, spending it where I want it to be, I don’t feel like I have to go anywhere. I have no responsibility, but at the same time being a good NFL player is very good.”

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Rodgers officially pulled out of the forced minicamp last Tuesday. After he skipped the voluntary OTAs, the news of his absence did not come as a shock to most, basically losing his, 000 500,000 workout bonus.

Rodgers faces higher fines and could be liable for more money if he continues his presence – a real opportunity for the disgruntled signal-caller.