February 8, 2023

Aaron Rodgers is playing word games again

Getty Images

Aaron RodgersLast year, when Kotzo played with reporters who deliberately blunted his vaccine status by saying “yes, I’m vaccinated” and failed to ask the follow-up question on the possibility of Rodgers, his preference for language became clear precisely. He played word games about whether he got his shots. He clearly played the word game.

He does it again. His Twitter post announcing his plan to play for the Packers in 2022 Queries with comment He “signed” a new contract, with a statement that it was a four-year, $ 200 million contract.

“Hello everyone, I just wanted to clarify a few things; Yes I will play with [Packers] However, the following year, when I reported that I was signing a contract, the alleged terms of the ‘contract I had signed’ were incorrect. I’m very happy to be back, ”Rodgers wrote.

First, no one reported that Rodgers had actually “signed” the contract. Ian Roboport (the first non-McAfee person to report the news) of NFL Media said Rodgers had “agreed to the terms”. This means there is a contract, but the documents have not yet been signed. It is not uncommon for a player to actually “agree to the terms” before putting the pen on paper. So his decision to take issue with his “unsigned” technology was technically flawed because no one said he did.

Second, in terms of the terms of the contract, there will often be a mismatch or two between the initial statements and the official terms. The four-year, $ 200 million deal was announced, which is apparently a four-year, $ 200 million extension, making it (probably) a five-year, $ 226.47 million deal. Or it could be some other minor issue, rounding error or whatever. Regardless, Rodgers received the money – more details will eventually be known precisely.

In more detail, Why does he care? He is staying in Green Bay. Of course, he would not be without a new deal to reduce his $ 46.66 million cap number. Why should he be “that guy” and take issue with meaningless details?

It only serves to confuse Packers fans, who will now wonder if he really agreed to be with the team beyond 2022, and if the team has any cap relief.

A scoundrel would say that Rodgers is simply looking for attention after he gets his decision to jump back on the news that the Broncos have traded. Russell Wilson, With subtle advice to Nathaniel Hackett’s new team that Wilson is Plan A, not Plan B. Regardless, Rodgers could be one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Much குட்டி. His decision to take issue with the silly details of his inevitable new deal with the Packers makes him goat when he worries about meaningless details.