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Anjunabeats star Andrew Bayer is finally set out to release a brand new album this year. Titled “In My Last Life”, the album is a successor to “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave”.


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2017 saw Andrew take a much needed break with just a couple of EP’s released, including the successful collaboration with colleague, Ilan Bluestone, for “Destiny”.

He recently took to his Facebook page to announce the release of his latest album.

“I am very proud to announce that my third artist album ‘In My Last Life’ will be released on 24 August. The first single ‘Immortal Lover’ featuring my dear friend Alison May is out this Friday and my North America album tour goes on sale the same day. For all the dates and info, head to Can’t wait to share this music with you. -AB x


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Today also sees the release of the first single from his album “Immortal Lover”. Featuring the vocals of Alison May, the track sees Andrew experiment with a completely new style. The music video is powerful and tugs at your heart strings.




“In My Last Life” comes out on the 24th of August. Pre-order your copy here.


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