December 5, 2022

A Govt-19 eruption in Bravinstown helped promote the CDC’s mask guidance change. Here’s what residents learned and how they respond

“This is what we call the official start of summer,” said Christopher Roberts. “July 4 is full now … and then really from that day on, it’s like that.”

Released on Friday by CDC, The study reports that there are 469 Govt-19 cases Residents of Massachusetts moved to Bornstable County – including Provinestown – between July 3 and July 17. The CDC said the cases were related to “several summer events and large public meetings.”
Nearly three-quarters of cases were among fully vaccinated people, suggesting that even vaccinated people could spread the virus. Dangerous delta variation It was fuel The country’s latest upsurge. There were five hospitals associated with the eruption – four of which were fully vaccinated – and no deaths were reported, the CDC study said.
Company Last week it renewed its mask guidelines for prescribing vaccines Wear masks on areas with a “substantial” or “high” Covit-19 transmission to prevent the variation from spreading further.

“I personally thought it would be hard to shrink (Govit-19) after receiving the vaccine,” said Ken Hornen, owner of the provincial hotel.

“But I was educated quickly, and since we were all here, I don’t think vaccination gives you the ability to engage in more dangerous activities or else you don’t have to take any precautionary measures,” he told CNN’s Alice Cameroda. Friday.

To prevent further spread, local leaders have reintroduced the mask order for Bravinstown, and fully vaccinated residents and business owners say they will do their part to redouble safety measures and push for more vaccines.

They say the cluster is an awareness call when the vaccine is most effective Prevents serious illness and death, It works best when combined with other precautionary measures.

“If you’ve been vaccinated, we’d said you’re almost invincible.

‘A Petri dish for the country’

Debbie Nadolny, director and curator of AMP Gallery in Provincetown, said that although she and her partner and other people she knew in the city had been vaccinated, the mask requirements and other safety measures were soon removed. She often wore a mask even after being vaccinated, encouraging others to do the same when they were in the gallery.

Approximately 99.999% of fully vaccinated Americans do not have a fatal Govt-19 progression case, CDC data show

“It seemed to me like common sense to proceed,” he said. “Only half the country … has been vaccinated, we have not yet achieved, you know, 70 or 80% vaccination rate in the country. So why are we celebrating?”

About 57.5% of Americans have received at least one Govt-19 vaccine and about 49.5% have been fully vaccinated. Displays CDC data. In Bornstable County, approximately 76% of the population received at least one dose of their Govit-19 vaccine, according to the latest data State data.
Nadolny said the eruption did not come as a surprise to itself, given the lack of town visits and widespread mask requirements in July. Local leaders held an emergency meeting last week and issued a statement Indoor mask command for Bravinstown. This requirement applies to all indoor restaurants, theater or performance halls, bars, dance venues, lodging, fitness centers, retail and personal service stores, offices and other public facilities.
Some vaccinated Americans have increased the number of Govt-19 cases and have lost the patience to refuse the shot when orders are withdrawn.

Nadolny said he now enforces masks in the gallery and hopes the city’s order will not be removed at any time. He said the removal of the mask requirements was “wrong” at first, and he hoped other parts of the country would learn from the city’s experience and push for more vaccines and the need for additional masks.

“Bravinstown is a small place, but apparently we were a pet food for the country,” he said.

Roberts, who owns the puzzle shop, said he enforces the mask requirement and if customers do not have a face mask, staff will provide one for themselves. Now that he knows those who have been vaccinated can spread the virus, Roberts said his 7-year-old son is still unfit for a Govt-19 shot so be careful not to get infected.

‘Going in the right direction’

Horgan, the hotel owner, said the explosion was a sobering and eye-opening experience. Local leaders and business owners “worked together” to implement their mask and vaccine requirements, he said. His hotel, like others in the city, now needs proof of vaccination.

“If you plan to travel and you have not been vaccinated, please do not come to Provincetown,” Horgan said. “We really take our health seriously. For our local businesses to survive, we need to be active. To be more active, we need to be healthy.”

In An update on Friday, The Bornstable County Department of Health and Environment reported 934 Govt-19 cases July 29-560 Massachusetts residents and 231 residents of the province.
Many Americans were looking forward to a carefree summer.  But Govt’s actions creep into our reality

According to city manager Morse, there are now 103 active cases in the city.

The local test positive rate fell from a 15% peak on July 15 to 4.6% on July 29 from the start of the cluster, Morse said recently. Facebook update.

Morse told CNN Friday that the city is “going in the right direction” with the latest numbers, in addition to the new mask order.

“What we are taking from here is that this delta variant is very contagious, highly contagious, and is likely to cause a progressive infection, but you will not be admitted to the hospital and you will certainly not die,” he said. Said.

“The delta variant is incredibly dangerous for unvaccinated individuals, and while we have a mask command in the short term, our long-term way out of this is really through vaccination.”

Dr. Jane Aaronson, 69, is one of the most fully vaccinated and infected in Provincetown. He said he developed symptoms including shortness of breath, cough and low-grade fever. But the vaccine saved his life, he said.

“That’s what happened,” he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday. “I immediately realized, ‘I’m scared, but I know this vaccine will work.’