July 2, 2022

A further 1,000 are canceled on Sunday over the Memorial Day travel weekend

Nearly 4,800 U.S. flights have been canceled since Friday, and another 1,500 flights canceled Sunday morning, according to the Air Traffic Surveillance website. FlightAware.
Delta Airlines (DAL) More than 400 flights were canceled on Saturday and Sunday, the worst affected by the cancellation. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, headquartered in Delta and its largest hub, has been hit hard by travel barriers.

The carrier blamed the cancellation on Saturday due to bad weather and “air traffic control measures” on Friday, saying it was trying to cancel flights at least 24 hours early.

United canceled 23 flights on Saturday and Jet Blue canceled 10 flights, accounting for 1% of carriers’ operations.

On Thursday, Delta announced it was cutting its summer flight schedule ahead of Memorial Day weekend. From July 1 to August 7, the airline said it would reduce flights to 100 daily in the United States and Latin America.

“Now more than ever in our history, various factors affecting our operations – weather and aviation traffic control, sales personnel, increased COVID case rates contribute to an unplanned shortage in some workplaces – is the result of an operation that has not consistently adhered to the standards set by the Delta industry in recent years.” Experience officer Alison Asbond said in an online post.

Airlines are canceling 230 flights early Monday. Delta has cut 53 so far.

Delta said in its post that travel exemptions will be given to those affected by bad weather in the southeast and northeast this weekend. The The most affected airports, including New York City and the Washington, DC area, are listed by the company. Website.

Delta said about 2.5 million customers will fly on Memorial Day weekend – 25% more than last year. The AAA estimates that 3 million Americans will travel by air over the weekend.

Separately, JetBlue said it would cut its summer timetable by 8% to 10%. Alaska Airlines reduced its schedule by about 2% until June to match “pilot capacity”.

– CNN’s Marnie Hunter contributed to this report.