December 5, 2022

98 countries have pledged to accept Afghanistan after the departure of the US military

Michael B, a former CIA officer and Middle East policy officer at the Pentagon during the Trump administration.

“So, when we ‘re not there, when the world’s full focus is not on the Taliban, I have no idea they will do anything, but they will probably sue, and in many cases, those who worked closely with the United States,” Mr Mulroy said Saturday.

Of the more than 114,400 people evacuated from the international airport in the capital, Kabul, since August 14, tens of thousands of Afghans are believed to have worked for the United States. Most of them have US and Afghan passports, including 50 on the last day alone.

The State Department said an additional 350 Americans were awaiting deportation as of Saturday In addition, another 280 people claiming to be U.S. citizens are estimated to have signaled that they will not leave or have not been assured of it.

Sunday’s joint statement is the latest in a series of diplomatic moves to force the Taliban to pursue terrorists, uphold human rights and form an all-inclusive government after its militants. He seized power from the country’s pro-Western leaders August 15. That A significant – and uncomfortable – change To the United States and its close allies who invaded Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001 attacks and considered the Taliban an enemy.

In his statement on Friday, Taliban negotiator Mr. Stanekzoy said “we have no problem” with Afghans seeking medical treatment, business, education or traveling abroad. According to a transcript of one of his comments to the New York Times by an American official, “No one will stop you from traveling.

But Mr. Stanekzoy said Afghan citizens must first obtain passports from the Afghan Interior Ministry and then try to obtain visas and other approved travel documents from foreign governments before they leave. At best, it is a process, if not months, years; At worst, it would warn of who the Taliban are who do not want to live under their rule.