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The DJ Mag top 100 DJs list is out and we finally have a new world number 1 DJ – Martin Garrix! Congratulations, you have to give to the man for the tremendous momentum he has in his career in the last 2-3 years. Here’s the list!

DJ Mag 2016 EMPO

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It is pretty evident that Trance has taken a backseat over the years. Our representation is diminishing but big ups to all the DJs that have made it to the top 100 yet again. On the other hand, techno seems to have wiped out of the list totally and the community seems to have no qualms about it. Perhaps that is one way of dealing with these rankings that have become a game of  fame, dollars and corruption.

However there are some DJs that have been relentlessly working heard in their own right to make things bigger and better for the Trance scene and we feel they deserve to be on this list. Are there not enough voters? Or they don’t really campaign for the votes anymore? Or simply they don’t want to pay to get their name on the list?  Here goes…

John O’Callaghan

Over a 100 shows in a year John has carved out a niche for himself in the trance scene. He’s the new age tech-trance spearhead. He has played in almost every dance music friendly country in the last year. He’s released Armada Collected compilation in last 12 months, 4 beatport chart busting singles and many remixes. His own label night Subculture has grown from strength to strength this year with one big release a month along with half a dozen Subculture nights. He definitely deserves to be part of the list.

John O callaghan


Bryan Kearney

If there’s one guy who’s had serious momentum in his career in the last 2-3 years, it has to be Bryan Kearney! His music label Kearnage has been belting out some mindblowing tracks lately. He’s touring everywhere. He sure does more gigs than John! His Kearnage compilation was very well received by the fraternity last year. Bryan is a true representation of the trance scene 2.0 – aggressive,  relentless and ever improving. Wonder will it take him to cut the DJ Mag barrier!

Bryan Kearney

Cosmic Gate

Brazil, Indonesia, Ibiza, Montreal, Ukraine, Estonia, USA name a place and Cosmic Gate have played there in the recent past. Productions with Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, JES and more they have had a tremendous year! They were 99th on the list this year, we’re sure they’ve only missed by a whisker! Hopefully they will regain lost ground next year.

Cosmic Gate

Giuseppe Ottaviani

This one is a really hardworking guy and deserves more respect! In the last 12 months he has launched Giuseppe Ottaviani Live 2.0, his campaign #MusicLover, his new album ALMA and one compilation. He’s also played gigs by the dozens perhaps in ever corner of the globe. They say nice guys finish last but he’s definitely a strong contender for the list.

giuseppe ottaviani

Ilan Bluestone

He’s played at the biggest clubs this year, some of the best festivals this year and has had a stupendous track record of music production but still doesn’t make the cut. The true torchbearer of Trance 2.0 envisaged by the Anjunabeats

ilan bluestone

Vini Vici

These guys have been killing it! Be it their music, their gigs, their social media everything is trending! If there are so many new entrants in the list, these guys have had a tremendous year all around. We definitely hope they make it to the list next year.

Vini Vici


But then there’s Shogun!

DJ Shogun DJ Mag

On the contrary, Shogun has essentially done nothing significant to be on that list this year – no notable singles, no big events to boast of, neither any label to talk about but he still ends up at number 42 on the list. What a joke!

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