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One of the biggest and most awaited global festivals in the world, Tomorrowland recently announced their absolutely massive lineup! Following the theme of “Amicorum Spectaculm” this year which translates to “Show of Friends”, this one will prove to be one brilliantly diverse show. With 30 different stages headed by different artists from various other genres, spread over two weekends, the festival hits the nail with this one.

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What piqued our interests were the trance stages that were featured and of course, the return of Trance energy. Almost two years back, there were debates online pertaining to if the genre was dead, or if it didn’t have any scope. Ever since, the genre has only been picking up. Last year, EDC’s biggest and most successful spinoff, Dreamstate, an only trance stage, then became big enough to have it’s own event was launched and it still continues to remain their biggest export, going on to prove that trance is here to stay. Now, with Tomorrowland announcing five massive trance stages, it only reinstates the fact that the genre will keep getting bigger. So, is trance back to what is was in the old days? Well, it is back with a bang! #tranceisback

The trance stages that will be featured this year at Tomorrowland have us all excited! Here is the list for you!

A State Of Trance

 ASOT Tomorrowland

What started of as a small radio show based in Amsterdam has gone on to become the most recognised and famous show for trance fans. Headed by the one and only, Armin Van Buuren, this stage has been featured at some of the biggest festivals in the world, including Ultra Music Festival, Creamfields and so on to name a few, apart from having it’s stand alone festivals.

Future Sound of Egypt Recordings

One of the labels known to give out only the best in trance, Future Sound of Egypt, the brain child of Aly and Fila, finally gets its own stage! They have had massive festivals with some of the biggest and most unique lineups. They have even had their festival held at the Pyramids of Giza and the Luxor temple, bringing out the true essence of Egypt at their show.


Trance Addict


One of the most regular featured stages at Tomorrowland which every trance fan can vouch to serve up a good dosage of trance artists. This year, trance energy is back and will surely be outdoing all their previous lineups. They have had the likes of Gouryella, PURENRG, Standerwick and many more play at their stage to mention a few names.


Bonzai completes 25 years! What could be a better was to roll in the celebrations? Their mission is to make people party to quality club music and they successfully have managed to do so by bringing us music from artists such as Airwave and John OO Fleming to name a few.

 Trance Energy


One of the most premium festivals and one of the first to make a boast of an entirely trance lineup, this famed stage from ID&T is finally making a comeback and they are more than happy to be doing so. They are known the be the pioneers of trance festivals and to see them back in action will be very interesting. Tomorrowland has already revealed that the stage will be headlined by the legendary Paul Van Dyk, this stage is one we are truly the most excited for!


Will you be attending the festival this year, which stage are you most excited for? Do mention it in the comments below.

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Tomorrowland is a large music festival held in Belgium. It is organized and owned by the original founders. It’s located in a beautiful natural place, recreation area de Schorre, in the town of Boom, Belgium, (16 kilometers / 10 miles south of Antwerp and 32 kilometers / 20 miles north of Brussels. Tomorrowland has been organized since 2005 and has become one of the most notable global music festivals. In 2017, Tomorrowland will take place in weekends – 22nd – 24th July and 28-30 July, 2017

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