September 28, 2022

5 things to know on September 9: The Queen, Weather, Immigration, Mar-a-Lago, Ukraine

5 things to know on September 9: The Queen, Weather, Immigration, Mar-a-Lago, Ukraine


Landmarks around the world changed Thursday to honor death Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. In France, the Eiffel Tower is the darkest; In Brazil, the statue of Christ the Redeemer lit up in red, blue and white; And in New York, the Empire State Building lit up the city sky in royal purple.

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Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch for seven decades, died on Thursday At the age of 96 years oldBuckingham Palace announced. Her death marked the end of an era for the United Kingdom, and most Britons knew her There is no other king in their lives. Queen Charles’ eldest son – now King Charles III – has Ascended to the throne He is expected to address the nation today. The coming hours and days will see a series of carefully designed events honoring the life of the Queen and forward move forwardBut her death leaves a void for the UK at a time of sharp change in political leadership and a looming economic recession.

Two tropical storms are moving toward the east and west coasts of the United States today, each with strong winds that can create a multitude of different challenges for millions of people. In California, residents are preparing for it Tropical Storm Kai, which could lead to rain for a year in the coming hours. This has raised fears of flooding in Parts of Southern CaliforniaDestructive winds are already threatening to extend a harsh heatwave that is fueling raging wildfires. Kay is weakening, but the storm is not expected to move away from the West Coast until Saturday evening. On the East Coast, dangerous currents are expected on the beaches this weekend Hurricane Earl It wafts into the Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda. Projections from the National Hurricane Center indicate that Earl has already caused sustained winds near 90 mph with higher gusts.

The mayor of Washington, D.C. declared a public health emergency Thursday in response to thousands of immigrants You reach the nation’s capital by bus from Texas and Arizona. Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott began moving immigrants to Washington in April in protest of the Biden administration’s immigration policies. Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, another Republican, has sent so far Hundreds of buses to the capitalNeither of them expressed any intention to stop. Texas sent more than 7,900 immigrants to the capital and more than 2,200 immigrants to New York City. Arizona, which only sends buses to the capital, sent 1,677 immigrants.

Why the Democratic mayor is using the controversial Texas governor’s border strategy

The Department of Justice has appealed an injunction over a private major review of materials seized by the FBI during its search for Mar-a-Lago. The Department of Justice has argued that the order for a private master – or a third-party attorney – has endangered the national security of the United States Stop access to confidential documents It was confiscated during a search of former President Donald Trump’s residence in Florida. They also argue about it hinder them from making “An effective national security risk assessment,” the Justice Department wrote in its appeal. Now, the judge has ordered Trump’s lawyer to consult with the Department of Justice and Prepare a shared file Explain their views on who should serve as your Mr. The deadline for filing this court is later tonight.

Brief presentation of the judge handling the Mar-a-Lago case

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claims that his country’s army has recaptured a major city from Russia and liberated at least 20 settlements in its ongoing counterattack. As the Ukrainian military continues to pressure, officials say Russian forces in the Kharkiv region have suffered heavy losses – prompting some soldiers to desert and give up their uniforms, hoping to integrate with the wearing of civilian clothes. Separately, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken introduced Unannounced trip to Ukraine Thursday. He said efforts to regain control of Russian-controlled areas of the country “have proven effective” and also announced that the United States intends to provide an additional $2.2 billion in investments to enhance the security of Ukraine and other countries in the region.

What happens in Ukraine over the next few weeks may define the next few years, says CNN’s military analyst. Here’s why

James Corden says he stole from President Biden’s bathroom

Many people who visit the White House tend to criticize Memento, but very few admit it. On the other hand, James Corden told the whole world This is a funny confession.

Kellogg wants to add water to her new cereal

yes, cereal.

Here’s Who Will Be On Season 31 Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Star-studded cast It includes a platinum recording artist, a real housewife, a bachelor and an accomplished actress with multiple sclerosis.

Football language to help you look smart in the NFL

Have you ever found yourself watching a game and thinking, “What on earth is going on?” if so, This glossary is for you.

Luxury fashion houses are turning millions into the metaverse

Some people spend big bucks on digital lockers In the metaverse – and luxury brands want a market segment.

Which of the following US airports had the worst in terms of delays and cancellations this summer?

A. Dallas Love Field Airport

Chicago Midway International Airport

Denver International Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Participate in CNN’s weekly news contest here To see if you are right!

Former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw In a statement Thursday, Shaw’s family announced the death Wednesday of pneumonia unrelated to Covid-19. He was 82 years old. Shaw was CNN’s first major anchor and was with the network when it launched on June 1, 1980. He retired from CNN after more than 20 years on February 28, 2001. During his career, Shaw has written about some of the biggest stories of the time – including The Student Rebellion in Tiananmen Square in May 1989, the First Gulf War directly from Baghdad in 1991, and the 2000 presidential election.

Bernard Shaw, former CNN anchor, has died at the age of 82

30 thousand dollars

This will be the starting price for the Equinox EV from Chevrolet, making it among the cars Cheapest electric cars on the market. GM said Thursday that the Equinox EV is due to arrive in the coming months.

“As long as nuclear weapons exist on the ground, and as long as imperialism and anti-North Korean maneuvers by the United States and its henchmen remain, our path to strengthening our nuclear power will never end.”

– North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, regarding passing a new law declaring his country a nuclear weapons state. Kim vowed that North Korea would “never give up” its nuclear weapons and said it could No negotiations on nuclear disarmament State media reported today that he praised the passage of the law. It comes as Kim has increasingly made provocative threats of nuclear conflict toward the United States and its allies in Asia in recent months.

From the West Coast to the East Coast, Americans will feel the influences from two different tropical systems

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tall hedges

Take a look at these giant hedges in the UK. Some have been around for hundreds of years and it takes weeks to prune. (Click here to view)