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Love music? Yep, there’s an app for that. There are apps for just about everything these days but, when it comes to music, the possibilities are seemingly endless. It can almost be a bit overwhelming but don’t fret. We can help you narrow the scope a bit while still managing to make your music mojo come to life (or back to life). Read on for five awesome music applications that you won’t want to live without.

  • Spotify

Unless you’ve been cryogenically frozen for years, you’ve surely heard of Spotify. If you haven’t tried it out yet though, what have you been waiting for? There’s a reason it’s such a juggernaut in this realm. It boasts over 80 million subscribers that have access to about 35 million tracks. Much like its desktop cohort, the app allows you stream single tracks or entire albums along with creating customized playlists. And while it is free, you might consider paying the $10/month subscription, as this allows for offline listening and an ad-free musical listening experience. In fact, most people will tell you that once you experience music listening without ads, you’ll never go back.

  • Music Visualizer

This is one that you can use to up your street cred when throwing parties. Make an audio visualizer online that creates engaging and dynamic 3D shapes, models, and geometric patterns that dance and move with the beats of the music. If you want to save your presentation for posterity’s sake or share it with others, download it and put it up on Vimeo or YouTube. Trust us when we tell you that this one will take your party from drab to fab in no time flat.


  • Google Play Music

If you’re in the know in music, you might wonder why this is being recommended, as it is going to transition into the YouTube Music app. However, as this article notes, it’s still well worth it to get in on this highly streamlined app. “Google has promised a ‘soft landing’ for all Play Music users, and all playlists will be transferred over when the transition is complete in about 2019,” the article notes. On top of this seamless transition, you get full access to your cloud-based music collection from the Play Music website and podcasts. Access the music you love and find new tunes that inspire you. As with Spotify, a monthly subscription is $10, which offers you access to Google’s vast song database, smart recommendations, YouTube Red, and personalized radio stations with a limitless amount of skips.

  • Apple Music

Of course, you know Apple is in on this game. And although its streaming service is quite similar to Spotify, there is no free option. For your $10/month subscription fee, you get access to its astoundingly large catalog of 45 million songs but also a number of custom playlists and radio shows. Find out whether you qualify for a Student sub or the Family option discounts.


  • Shazam

This is a fun one, and not just because of its name. It’s known for its nearly instant recognition of songs and TV shows, offering purchasing options and lyrics. As such, however, it isn’t as much of a stand-alone music app but more of one that should accompany another streaming app. If you’re from the Name That Tune generation, you’ll get a huge kick out of this. It’s become a part of music culture, with Jamie Foxx even starting an interactive musical genre game show on FOX called Beat Shazam. In the show, humans faced off against Shazam’s lightning fast recognition bot to be able to name the song or TV show. This Thrillist article lists the songs that have been “Shazam’d” the most. Yes, it’s popular enough to establish itself as a verb.

Whether you go for an app that accompanies other apps or a stand-alone option that allows for massive music streaming, these apps will blow your music-loving mind. Go forth and download.



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    Author Reply

    Re: Google Music: I’d add that a family plan only costs $16 a month so you can have up to six(!) users added. This is great for families and close friends that you know are good for the money. In this way each member effectively has their own Google Play Music sub with all the perks that come with the individual plan (like YouTube Red). Split the cost six ways and you have a Google Music sub for $2 per month.

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