November 29, 2022

4 excerpts from Ohio’s Special Congress primary


Democrat voters on Tuesday in two Ohio congressional primaries Embraced the establishment of the party, Offering another ally to President Joe Biden and the rejection of the left-wing “team” by its latest member. Meanwhile, Republicans, Trapped with former President Donald Trump.

The two themes can predict what will happen in next year’s midterm elections, with progressives banging against senior Democrats in a number of key positions and Trump seeking to settle old scores and oust his intra-party critics.

Hillary Clinton, Rep. With the support of Jim Gliburn and Congressional Black Caucasus-former state senator Nina, Cuhoca County Democrat President and County Council Member Schondell Brown Turner, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ long-standing friendship. Turner criticized Clinton after the primary ended in 2016 and compared voting for Biden once in 2020 to eating half a bowl of human feces.

Meanwhile, Republican voters in Ohio’s 15th district – including parts of Columbus and the countryside south of the city – chose Trump-approved coal lobbyist Mike Carey. Carey’s victory came a week after Trump lost to another Republican candidate in the defeat of the Texas Congress.

The two primary ones attracted attention due to the nationally known personalities involved. But the two are not expected to run in special general elections. Brown is set to win the 11th District Constituency on November 2, while Gary is the favorite in the 15th District.

Here are four places from Ohio’s premier:

Progressives saw Ohio as an opportunity to lead the House Democratic Alliance further to the left. Turner — any member of the left-wing “team” who had become a national figure before being elected to Congress — would have joined their team.

But what could be the foreshadowing of how the establishment forces will mobilize to defend the current Democrats, who face primary challenges next year, and the moderate Democrats fought back. Out of the crowd, they rallied behind Brown, the candidate who supports Biden and his agenda in Washington.

Once again it’s the Kingmaker at the top of the Democrats’ 2020, his endorsement that led to a landslide victory in South Carolina’s primary election and three days later, Super Tuesday – plays a key role.

Rapper and activist Killer Mike, who appeared at a campaign event with Turner, entered when Claibern said the No. 3 House Democrat was “incredibly stupid” to support Pitton without getting too many offers. Claibern endorsed Brown and warned that the “chanting” of the left – such as calls to deceive the police – would be politically damaging.

Congress backed Brown, the political arm of the Black Caucasus, and Cliburn and other leading Black Democrats campaigned for him over the final weekend of the race.

The rivalry between Turner and Brown is a glimpse into the ways Democrats have never progressed beyond the 2016 presidential election. Even Clinton, who endorsed Brown, ran against Sanders, who campaigned for Turner – one of his loyal allies in his two presidential campaigns.

Looking through that lens, it should come as no surprise that Turner ran into a severe storm.

The 11th District of Ohio supported Clinton more than Sanders by 2 to 1 margin in 2016. Turner started the race with a financial margin and was a pro-Pandit and Sanders tenant of national television shows for many years. But there was always room for Brown’s support to grow.

In the final weeks of the race, Brown and her allies surpassed Turner and his supporters in television commercials.

Jewish voters and pro-Israel groups played a key role. The Democratic Majority Super PAC for Israel sometimes spent too much against Turner, who criticized Israel. Brown ‘s support from Jewish Democrats in the district was significant — a fact that Brown acknowledged in his victory speech, in which he thanked “my Jewish brothers and sisters” and discussed how his 2018 visit to Israel shaped his vision of US-Israel relations. .

It is difficult to filter much of the Democrats’ direction on key generational and ideological issues, especially from low-voting primary individual races, especially in special elections of the year, such as Ohio’s 11th district.

Moderate, institutional-aligned figures now have a series of significant victories over more progressive candidates, defeating Biden Sanders in the 2020 presidential election. In Virginia, former Govt. In New York City, centrist Eric Adams won the mayoral primary.

But at the same time, the progressives are demanding their own victories. New York City chose a moderate candidate for mayor while a progressive candidate was elected for control. Buffalo voters fired their current mayor in favor of India Walton. A progressive challenge, State Rep. Ed Keyney, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto.

What is clear is that the progressives have not yet figured out how to defeat the Biden coalition of working class voters, black voters and suburban moderates who make up the bulk of the Democrats — especially in high-voting contests.

One week after Texas went wrong, Trump can confidently say that his approval is again a primary determining factor in the Republican Party.

In the primary election of the 15th District Republican Party of Ohio, the Trump-backed candidate, Gary, defeated several rivals — all of whom ran for office, including one backed by former Delegate Steve Stewers.

Trump’s election in Texas last week saw Congress lose to another Republican, and for the second consecutive defeat, GOP primary voters – albeit toxic but broadly supportive of the former president – are eager to pursue his lead in the lower-vote race.

“Great Republican victory for Mike Carey. Big numbers!” Trump, taking a victory lap, said in a statement Tuesday night. “Congratulations to Mike and his family. He will never let you down!”

The district, which includes part of Columbus and the countryside to the south of it, is likely to be in the hands of more Republicans and the party in the special general election this fall. Gary will face Democrat Rep. Alison Russo on November 2nd.