December 5, 2022

30,000 acres and 0% control, Caldor Fire Slide Park area, South Pollock Pines – CBS triggers evacuation orders for Sacramento

El Dorado County (CBS 13) – The latest on Calder fire in El Dorado County:

5:05 p.m.

Call Fire says 30,000 acres have been burned and contained 0%.

See the latest live update here:

4:25 p.m.

The following areas are currently subject to mandatory eviction orders:

  • Pollock Pines
  • East of Sly Park Road
  • South of Highway 50 to Ice House Road, north of Mormon Immigration Route and Jenkinson Lake
  • East of Grizzly Plots / Somerset Mount Road
  • Happy Valley

Governor NewSom has declared a state of emergency in El Dorado County due to the fire.

4:12 p.m.

Other newspapers reported that several structures were damaged; However, a fire spokesman said there was no official estimate of the damage at this time.

3:53 p.m.

Caldor Fire reported that 6,500 acres had been burned and contained 0%.

(This is the previously announced total area foot fire reduction of 8,000 acres.)

3:50 p.m.

Blazerville Police warn that WB Highway 50 will be congested as Pollock Pines people leave their homes. Manual traffic control will be implemented and authorities will not allow cross traffic at these times.

3:44 p.m.

The Diamond Springs Exhaust Center has been closed and relocated to Cameroon Park. Exit centers currently open are:

  • Cameron Park (CSD, 2502 Country Club Drive, Cameron Park)
  • Large Animal Shelter (Amador County Fair Grounds, 18621 Sherwood St., Plymouth, (Empire Street Gate)
  • Small Animal Shelter: (530) 621-5795

3:30 p.m.

The CHP says Highway 50 from Myers to Ice House Road will be closed for the next two hours due to the Caldor fire. They urge people leaving South Lake Tahoe to hurry up and use alternate routes from SR-89 to I-80 or US-50 to I-395.

2:49 p.m.

The Diamond Springs Fire Hall Exhaust Center is now packed, Call Fire says.

Exiters are urged to go to Cameron Park CST at 2502 Country Club Drive.

Those with larger animals can visit the Amador County Fair Grounds at 18621 Sherwood Street in Plymouth.

Here is a map of the latest exit orders:

1:15 p.m.

Mandatory eviction orders are now in effect for certain parts of Pollock Pines.

According to the El Dorado County Sheriff, the following areas are now under eviction order:

  • East of Sly Park Road.
  • South of Hwy 50 to Ice House Road.
  • North of Mormon settlement (including Jenkinson / Sly Park Lake).

Exit warnings are also in effect for the following areas:

  • Pleasant Valley Road south of Hwy 50.
  • From Sly Park Road, head west to Snow Road and Newtown Road, including the community of Rancho del Sol.

12:55 p.m.

The red flag warning on Tuesday has been extended to 8pm on Wednesday.

Strong winds are forecast for the mountains and areas of the Sacramento Valley starting Tuesday afternoon. Along with very dry conditions, the fire risk level is very important.

11:46 am

Authorities in Blaserville say they are closely monitoring nearby burning Caldor Island, but say there is no sign that it is moving toward the city.

People are urged to register with the CodeRED Notification System of El Dorado County to find out when eviction orders were issued.

10:15 am

Authorities say an evacuation order has now been issued for the Sly Park area due to the Caldor fire.

An evacuation warning has also been issued for the Pollock Pines area.

9:48 am

As the Caldor fire grows bigger, its path of destruction becomes clearer.

The exact number of houses destroyed or damaged has not been released at this time, but it is clear that many homes have been lost.

The unpredictability of the island of Caldor has forced our own newsgroup out of potential danger.

7:25 p.m.

New evacuation orders were issued early Tuesday morning for the Calder fire.

The following areas are affected:

Grizzly Plots / Somerset
சாலை All roads from Grizzly Flat Road, east of Mt. Grizzly Flat Properr in Somerset (known as the Four Corners)
Happy Valley
All roads from Happy Fence Road, east of Mount Road. From Somerset to Sierra Leone

The new evacuation orders came after more people were ordered to leave early Tuesday morning. These areas include:

Grizzly Plots
Henry Dickens of Caldor R.D.
Grizzly Flats Rd & Arctic Lane, Grizzly Flat Areas from the East include:
Consumer Mine Art or String Canyon Art
The Sironi Road or Caps crosses the North-South Road to the east
String Canyon Road from the north

Happy Valley
Happy Valley Road from Swiss Crossing to Sierra Leone

As of Tuesday morning, the Caldor fire had grown to 6,500 acres.

Below are the previous day’s updates:

11:45 p.m.

Due to a fast-spreading fire Monday night, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office has issued forced evacuation notices to Grizzly apartments.

7:34 p.m.

11:14 am

Officials say the eviction notice for the Leoni meadows and large mountain areas has now been upgraded to mandatory eviction orders.

According to the El Dorado National Forest, the sheriff’s office announced evacuation orders to homeowners in those areas Monday morning.

8:30 p.m.

The Caldor fire has now grown to 754 acres as of Monday morning, according to the Forest Service.

No restrictions were reported at this time.

Yesterday, a smoky atmosphere leveled the ground fixed planes. Helicopters, however, assist in the firefight.

Wherever possible firefighters are constantly creating lines.

High temperatures and strong winds are worrying firefighters Monday.

Below are the previous day’s updates:

A new plant fire near Grizzly Flats in El Dorado County has forced evacuations.

The Caldor fire was reported at 7pm on Saturday and was estimated at 400 acres with zero control as of Sunday afternoon, according to the Eldorado National Forest Service.

It is located one mile east of the Omo Farm, burning in the middle of the Middle Fork Cosumnus River.

Challenging terrain and darkness made it difficult to access the fire and it burned intensely throughout the night, firefighters said.

Currently 90 personnel have been assigned to the fire department and there are additional sources along the way.

An evacuation center has been set up at the Diamond Springs Fire Hall on 501 Pleasant Valley Road.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.