December 6, 2022

2021 World Series Preview: Five Storylines to Watch at the Astros-Braves Matchup

The Atlanta Braves And this Houston Astros The 2021 World Series kicks off on Tuesday night. The Astros have benefited from the home-field record of having the best regular season record, meaning games 1 and 2 will be played at Minute Maid Park in Houston. (Games 3 to 5 will be held at Troist Park.)

Braves, who has appeared in the World Series since 1999, reached this position by defeating first. Milwaukee Brewers In four games in the National League Division Series. Braves then surpassed Los Angeles Dodgers, The reigning champions, in a six-game series to avenge Atlanta’s defeat in last year’s NL Championship Series. The Braves have been pursuing their second World Series title since moving to Atlanta.

The Astros, meanwhile, are competing in their third World Series in five years. Houston knocked Chicago White Socks In four games during the American League Division Series. Astros then out-slug Boston Red Sox In six games at ALCS. The Astros are looking for their second championship.

Recent experience, if such a thing is important on this scale, is in favor of Astros. Here are five other storylines to watch when the Fall Classic begins.

1. Can Braves’ starters be burned by Houston’s bats?

During the regular season the Astros had the strongest offense of the Majors, taking wRC + (Fancrops metric adjusting to the ballpark) and runs and finishing ninth in home runs. For our money, one of the most interesting stories in this series is whether or not the Astros sequence can find a way to elevate the pitches they watch from the Braves’ three main starting pitchers: Charlie Morton, Fried to the max, And Ian Anderson.

When we write “elevator” we really mean it. No starter pitcher has a lower average missile angle than Houston in the regular season Framber Waltz (-5.5 degrees). However, Morton, Fried and Anderson are not so bad. Check out their rankings on 129 pitchers throwing at least 100 innings:

  • Morton: 18th (6.8 degrees)
  • Fried: 10th (4.7 degrees)
  • Anderson: 8th (4.5 degrees)

There is a whole conversation about the intersection and interpolation of swing planes and approach angles, which we have not tried here.

We note that if the Braves want to do maximum damage against the rotation, the Astros must find a way to lift the ball into the air – at least one rotation on paper is best for two employees. If the Braves trio are true to their regular season format, it will be a tough task.

Although the Astros start against the Braves ’opening players, there is a flip side to consider.

2. Can Astros find adequate pitching?

Is expected to be without astros Lance McCullers Junior for the remaining playoffs. Factor Of Justin Verlander Season-long absence, and Sock Greencase Unsustainable position, and Houston Waltz must pay the bank once again in Rookie’s compromised cycle Louis Garcia, Jose Urgudi, and Jack Odorisi.

It’s only fair to wonder how the Astros will approach this series from an individual standpoint and whether they can keep enough runs on board. During ALCS, the Astros recorded at least 15 outs for three pitchers: Valdes (the only pitcher to record 21 or more), Garcia and several innings relievers Christian Javier.

Garcia, who tends to fight against left-handed batsmen, will appear here as Fulkrama. Remember, Braves top hitters are mostly left-handed: Eddie Rosario, Freddie Freeman, And Petersen Game. Ozzy Alps, A switch-hitter, will most likely bat from the left side. Starting the Garcia Game 2 (and perhaps Game 6) will be very useful for Houston. That way, the Astros can reduce their expression against the Braves line-up without having to worry about burning their bullpen as part of a three-game series in the middle of the three days.

Of course, figuring out how to deploy starters could be the easiest pitching end of the Astros series.

3. The gift of separation from Korea and / or Freeman?

Every passing World Series game draws the off-season one step closer. It represents c-22 for Astros and Braves fans who should weigh their desire to celebrate the title with the free agency with the tension about Franchise Mainstay’s upcoming date. At least Houston could be a shortstop Carlos Korea Or Atlanta’s first paceman Freddie Freeman will win the World Series with their current squad in the final.

Of the two, the chances of departure are high because Korea is the most favored to land on the rich deal offered this winter. Korea recorded in the spring that the Astros did not trust those kind of deals. This is a qualified report: Houston Led George Springer Walk in last season, so they have shown a willingness to progress from home country players who want to get more money.

Freeman, by contrast, seems like a lock on being in Atlanta. However, you can’t blame any Braves fan who is worried about the situation until the ink dries on the new deal.

4. Which experienced manager will win?

Hiring younger managers is in practice, but it won’t make the World Series, not this year. Conversely, no matter which team wins, the long-term baseball player will receive a ring.

Houston’s Dusty Baker has called up shots for his teams in 24 seasons. He has amassed more than 2,000 career successes and is the only captain to lead five owners in the latter season. Add to that Baker’s career, and it is accurate to write that the only thing he did not do in the game of baseball was to win the World Series as a manager. This may be his last chance as his contract expires at the end of the series.

Atlanta’s Brian Snitker is still new to managing. He captured Braves on an interim basis in 2016, then retained the job and did the unthinkable of winning enough games to get the rights out of the rebuild. Snitker’s comparative inexperience as a captain (compared to Baker, anyway) should not hide the fact that he has been in the Atlanta organization for more than 40 years or in any other capacity.

A funny thing to know: Snitker’s son, Troy, Coach hitting at the Astros.

5. Predictions are in favor of the brave … rarely

As usual, we’d like to see how both teams have played against each other in the regular season. Since the 2017 season, the Braves and Astros have not met in a record game, it is not an option here. The Astros won all four of those encounters, beating the Braves 38-13 or more than six runs per game.

How much predictive power do those games have? Jilch. To illustrate the point, the Braves line-up includes when these two teams last met Brandon Phillips, Matt Kemp, And Matt Adams, Starting with Jaime Garcia.

Think of something To Has predictive power, We will conclude by noting that the simulations of the sportsline are Braves’ favorites at the very slim edges.. Atlanta won 50.5 percent of Sportsline’s predictions. Betting on Houston, Caesars Sportsbook is considered a favorite (-150).