December 6, 2022

2021 MLP Playoffs – Jordan Alvarez’s MVP Performance Puts Houston Astros to World Series

Houston Astros Slacker Jordan Alvarez Unable to stop.

At a time when his team needed him the most, Houston’s designated hitter exploded big on the way to winning the ALCS MVP, almost single-handedly taking Astros to the American League Pennant. In the final three games of the American League Championship series — a run that the Astros began to face a 2-1 series deficit against the Red Sox — Alvarez went 9-13. In games 5 and 6, he knocked out the entire Red Sox list 7-5. His ALCS performance peaked at 6: 4-for-4 in a singles, doubles, triple, one run and an RBI at Minute Maid Park, beating Houston 5-0.

Alvarez told ESPN’s Marley Rivera after the game. “That’s all I wanted to do. I wanted to do damage. That’s what happened.”

Alvarez’s appearance at the ALCS surprised himself, especially in the 2020 season when he played only two games and underwent surgery to repair a torn patella ligament in his right knee with arthroscopic surgery on his left knee.

“I never really imagined I could get out of that surgery on both knees and do this as quickly as I could,” Alvarez said. “So it was really incredible to come back and do what I did. It’s so nice to be here and was able to contribute like that.”

Throughout the series, Astros manager Dusty Baker noted Alvarez ‘s exceptional impact in the middle of the Houston line – and how his Power Pad changed the course of the team’s season.

“He’s a big guy in the middle,” Baker said.

Alvarez is the second Astros player to win 11 of the playoff series Jose Altuve2020 at ALCS 12. He became the fifth player in MLB history with 11 or more wins in a single series against the Red Sox, joining a club with Hideki Matsui and Bernie Williams (2004), Lou Brock (1967) and Buck Herzog (1912).

Baker also noted Alvarez’s all-field approach, which David Artis consistently compared to the way he drove the pitch the other way out of the plate. In the 2021 season, Alvarez pulled baseball 36.4 percent, hitting 36.3 percent in the middle and 27.3 percent in the opposing field. His average exit speed was ninth at 93.2 mph MLB Mani Machado, Juan Choto And Price Harbor, According to Baseball Sawant.

“He hit the ball on the opposite field and it was straight,” Baker said. “It’s not a piece of it, and everyone knows he can pull the ball, but he has the power in a different way. He’s going to come off well. At this time, like last year, we have no Alvarez. And we are very grateful and grateful for his presence. “

After the game, Alvarez lent his support to Baker throughout the season.

“He understands how to be a bowler,” Alvarez said. “He understands what happens every day. I also had a chance to spend time with him in spring training. He was very helpful to me and I thank him for everything he gave me during this time.”

Alvarez’s three additional basic wins in a possible series-clinging game dive Carlos Korea Much in the history of Astros, he joins Yuli Curiel And Craig Piccio is the only Astros to have won three games in a row in the postseason.

That historic performance did not go unnoticed by his teammates.

“Jordan was like something else,” Astros Pitcher said Louis Garcia. “He’s really the clutch, everything.”

Alvarez’s successful campaign for Rookie’s 2019 – where he made his debut on the national stage with 31.3 / 412 / .655 with 27 homers, 26 doubles and 78 RBIs with 3.7 bWAR – made his debut on the national stage, but this year he hit 33 homers, 104 rp. I.

But none of them looked like they had won the ALCS MVP trophy.

“It refers to everything,” Alvarez said. “It means everything. I think there’s a lot of things behind that trophy, but everything I say only means everything.”

As the spotlight became brighter, the performance of Alvarez on the plate increased. The ALCS MVP file was a cherry.