January 29, 2023

2021 MLP Playoff Scores: Red Sox Rays up to ALDS against five Homers; Giants, brewers NLDS lead

The 2021 postseason season of Major League Baseball kicked off in high gear on Friday with four rounds of play. The Astros, Brewers, Red Sox and Giants were the winners throughout the action day. The Houston ALDS opened up a 2-0 advantage over the White Sox, while the Red Sox equalized the series against the Rays. In the National League, the Giants – the leading team in baseball in regular season – won a shutout against the Dodgers, and the Brewers defeated the Braves in a pitcher fight.

Friday scores and key picks are here.

Friday playoff scores

  • Final: Astros 9, White Socks 4 (Box score) -Astros leads 2-0
  • Final: Browers 2, Braves 1 (Box score) -Browers lead 1-0
  • Final: Red Sox 14, Rays 6 (Box score) -Series 1-1
  • Final: Giants 4, Dodgers 0 (Box score) -The Dodgers lead 1-0

The giants were the first to strike in the NL West conflict

There was never a playoff series between the two 106-plus winning teams, nor did the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants face off in a real post-season series — until Friday night. The Giants jumped quickly in the first inning when Buster Posey hit a 2-0 run on an opposing field to make it 3-0. The Giants will then insert a Chris Bryant home as insurance and then add another shot of Brandon Crawford, although the starter Logan web is very clever though not really needed. He served in an innings without a 7 2/3 score, scoring 10 runs without a walk while allowing just five wins.

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Hernandez made history with the return of the Red Sox

Like ALDS Game 1, Friday Game 2 was a disaster for the Red Sox. They scored two runs at the top of the first inning, only to see Chris Sale give up five places in the bottom half., Including a Grand Slam for Jordan Lublov. The sale lasted an innings. This is the first time a team’s openers have failed to complete two innings in the first two games of a post-season series (Eduardo Rodriguez went 1 2/3 innings in Game 1).

Rather than let the rays run with it, the Red Sox struggled again. Xander Bogaerts and Alex Verdugo went home again in the third inning to reduce the deficit to 5-4, then Enrique Hernandez tied the game with Solo Homer in the fifth inning. Later in that inning, Jedi Martinez gave Boston a long and loud three-run home run center.

Martinez missed the wild card game and the ALDS game 1 with an ankle sprain. It was a fluke injury – he slipped to second in the regular season final when he ran out of his position on the right field – but it was bad to set him aside for the team’s first two post-season games, which limited him to DH Game 2. Martinez had four wins in Game 2.

Unsung Hero: Tanner Hugh. Hawke turned the game around and led the five-point non-stop innings with enough rays to return the game to Boston’s offense. Hugh joined Nathan Evalti and Pedro Martinez as the only pitchers in Red Sox history with a five-innings relief appearance later in the season. During Game 2 he retired by hitting 30 straight (in his last four appearances).

Rafael Divers made Game 2 Ice with a two-run home run in the eighth inning. Even in all home runs – the Red Sox recorded five Homers in Game 2 in a franchise post season – the Hernandez star. He scored 5 for 6 with a home run and three doubles, becoming the fifth player in history to score four extra-base wins in a post-season game. Hernandez had almost a fourth double, but Kevin Gearmeyer made a good game to cut a ball into the gap in the ninth inning. The other four hitters with four extra base wins in a post-season game:

  • Albert Poojols, Cardinals: 3 doubles and 1 home run (2011 NLCS Game 2 vs. Brewers)
  • Hideki Matsui, Yankees: 2 doubles and 2 home runs (2004 ALCS Game 3 vs Red Sox)
  • Bob Robertson, Pirates: 1 double and 3 home runs (1971 NLCS game 2 vs Giants)
  • Frank Ispel, White Socks: 4 doubles (1906 World Series game 6 vs Cubs)

Prior to Friday, the teams were in a 24-1 all-time season when they scored five plus runs in the first inning. Rays joined Cleveland, the second team to lose such a game. Cleveland lost 8-6 in the 1997 ALDS match against the Yankees after taking an innings lead of 5-0. ALDS is now linked to a game. Game 3 Sunday is at Fenway Park.

Rowdy, the brewers won the fight of pitchers

NLDS ‘Game 1 between Braves and the Host Brewers was like a connoisseur’s fight until Rowdy Telles broke a scoreless tie in seventh place with a two-run run at Atlanta’s Charlie Morton. Milwaukee Bulben defended enough of that lead as the Brewers took a 1-0 lead in the top-five series with a 2-1 win.

Dallas looked at Morton for the third time in the game, circling 1-2 and sending him 411 feet to the center of the right. Clutch explosion leaves Dallas bat at 109.3 mph:

Before his heroism on the plate, Dallas did heavy lifting in 1-2 double play.

Burns overcame early command issues and threw six non-scoring innings with six strike outs and three walks. Of his 91 pitches, 57 went on strike. He pitched six pitches — including the first double — against only one fly-out. Similarly, Burns allowed two hard-hit balls in Game 1. He didn’t allow a win until Eddie Rosario’s blob single to start the fifth. Burns hit a pair in his final inning, but Milwaukee manager Craig Counsel picked him up a pinch-hit in the sixth home half. Pinch-hitter Dan Vogelbach worked on a walk — Morton’s first game.

Either way, Morton was similarly talented and even more dominant, at least until the home run that changed Dallas’ game. Lightening the entire command of his hammer-breaking ball, Morton, who shows the strongest pace of 2021, took nine runs and did only one job in six innings. He allowed two of the three wins to be earned.

Brave outfielder Joe Federson cut Milwaukee’s lead in half to eighth, with a solo homer in the counter-field against Adrian Hauser, who worked on his second frame in Burnes’ relief. However, close to locking Josh Hayder closed the game in ninth place with a lead walk to the Austin relay and a solo.

Game 2 is scheduled for Saturday in Milwaukee as Max Fried opposes Brandon Wood.

The Bulls decide Astros-Sysox Game 2

Astros beat White Sox 9-4 in final (Box score) In Game 2 of their Top Five American League Division Series on Friday afternoon. The Astros now have a 2-0 lead with the series heading to Chicago on Sunday. In the first five innings both sides were engaged in leading trade. The White Sox advanced first when Louis Robert scored 1-0 in a fielder’s selection. Houston first tied the game with a solo Kyle Tucker in the second inning, and then took the lead in the frame as Sass McCormick sacrificed Eil. The White Sox would push three across the plate to take a 4-2 lead at fifth, but again the Astros roared and Yuli Curiel leveled the game at 4-4 in the singles.

From there, everything is Houston.

The opening batsman, Lucas Giolito, or Framber Valdes, did not finish five innings, meaning the game was eventually left in the hands of the relief squad. Astros’ Rose Rose; White socks did not.

Five Houston relievers combined to throw 4 2/3 shutout frames. Chicago had to use five relievers, but rather than a clean sheet, both Aaron Bummer and Craig Kimblel ended up with some curved numbers.

In fact, Bummer and Kimbrell surrendered five runs in five wins in a total innings. Bummer, for his part, allowed three singles that allowed the Astros to take a 5-4 lead. Kimberly then entered and gave Carlos Korea a double to make it 7-4, then got a two-run shot to Kyle Tucker.

As we mentioned elsewhere, White socks were loaded to the extent that they appear on the bulb paper, so they had a tendency to melt during the regular season. They did it again on Friday – especially without the use of Michael Kobek. When asked by manager Tony La Rusa about Kobe’s absence, he gave an uninteresting answer:

Below 0-2 in the series, history is not on Chicago’s side. The White Sox will now need three consecutive wins to prevent being eliminated from the division series. According to Andrew Simon of MLB.com, 32 events in a 2-2-1 format era A road team loses the first two games. Only three of those teams won the series and returned. Instead, 19 of those teams were beaten in three games .. Let’s see if the White Sox can prove to be the exception on Sunday afternoon.