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Kyau and Albert – We all love them for their melodic tracks over the years. We all love them for being modest and still having such great success of the years. We all love them for teaching the dance music world how to have a long and strong partnership. There’s so much to learn from his awesome German duo. It has been a pleasure to enjoy and cherish your music all these years Ralph Kyau and Stephen Albert. We had a chat with the duo on how they plan to celebrate 20 years in dance music together.

Hi Kyau and Albert pleasure to have you on Trance Hub and congratulations on 20 years of great music and friendship.

  • How have you planned the celebrations for the 20th year of Kyau & Albert?

Ralph Kyau: There are happening several things around our 20 years anniversary. First of all most of our best tracks get remixed and released over the whole year of 2016 as separate EP’s.

Steven Albert: Around September we will release a full 20 years album. We also tour and do a couple of 20 years shows, some shows as extened 20 years sets including lots of classics, but not 100%  classics sets as we have too much new K&A material and honestly don’t wanna do the full retro thing!

  • Could you give us a little background of your childhood and growing up times?

Steven Albert: We both grew up in the same old town in Germany and already met when we were teenagers. I was always interested in music, wanted to become a musician when I was a teenager.

Ralph Kyau: I were introduced to music by my bigger brother at the age of 10. Then I had the wish to play keyboards. So I started to learn it.

  • How did you guys meet and do you remember your first gig together, how did that go?

Ralph Kyau: We went to the same school, but we were not in the same class. We met through a friend. Originally only wanted to make a live gig together for a local electronic festival in Summer 1996.

Steven Albert: I remember our first gig. It was a live act.  Quite big, maybe 1,500 people. At that time we did not do deejaying yet, we had almost our whole studio on stage.

  • What was the ‘big break’ for Kyau & Albert, a time you felt, yes we have made it!

Steven Albert: In 2001 after the big success of ‘Outside’ aka ‘Be There 4 U’. We were able to live from the music, could invest all our time into music. That track was big on radio, TV and Paul van Dyk played it in every set. He was the biggest Trance DJ at this time.

Ralph Kyau: We did a lot of shows in Europe. I was thinking all could be over after a year or so, but we continuously released one successful release after the one before, again and again.

  • Are there things you regret from the past or you could have done something differently?

Ralph Kyau: You’re always a bit wiser with a look back, but I don’t regret anything.

Steven Albert: Same for me. I am quite happy about all the things I did.

  • Do you think Trance music has evolved well over the years or you have some thoughts on the scene now?

Steven Albert: I think Trance is still the most emotional music style in dance music. There’s always a progression in every music, although I feel Trance goes into the direction where is comes from at the moment. I mean more energetic and melodic.

Ralph Kyau: Compared to bigroom EDM and all the House styles, Trance is maybe small, but has the best and most loyal fans. This is wonderful.

  • Tell us what is each one’s role in the duo?

Steven Albert: The key to our long term collaboration is that we share the same taste in music. We often think in the same way and we both love to try things out.

Ralph Kyau: We can motivate each other. I believe as a team you can make better things.

  • Ralph – What is the secret behind your energy and & dance when you are on stage?

I don’t know. My energy is natural and I love to dance as I am a happy person.

  • Steven – How did singing come to you and did you undergo any formal training for it?

I think I am not the best singer in the world but it still works and fans love my voice. I was first time singing on a demo and then Ralph said, we should use it. Now my voice is a kind of trademark for Kyau & Albert.

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