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A match made in heaven is quite a rarity these days, as “Match” made in electronic music festivals has become the reality of our times. Considering this fact, it is hard to ignore that 14th February is a big day for lovers all around the world. We are happy for the couples who celebrate this day with intense passion & promises of long lasting love, while we continue to worship our one true love “Trance”. Hence it was apt that we suggest 15 trance melodies that have moved us, made us cry & made us fall in love with the genre even more.

So lets try “Trance & Chill” this Valentines maybe? 

BT & JES “Every Other Way”

We start with a personal favorite, as Brian’s sound & JES vocals have made a perfect track to describe the perfect love story. Releasing in 2010 Every Other Way still sounds fresh and is personally very close to our heart.

RAM & Susana “Ramelia”

RAM has managed to immortalize his late wife Amelia with this classic. With soul quenching lyrics & the beautiful voice of Susana, this track can easily bring anyone to tears.

Daniel Kandi feat Sarah Russell “Change the world”

A sweet tug of war between lovers who fade away but come back quickly to each other is the crux of this beautiful creation. I mean it is true we  at some point of time have said to our respective lovers “For you I know I can change the world”.

Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah ft Adrina Thorpe “Perfect Love”

The trance pharos & the Balearic master give us this classic which describes the emotions of falling in love with someone very accurately.  It is such a beautiful reminder to everyone that “Love is here, Love’s not dead, Love’s alive.

Ferry Corsten “Beautiful

A track to dance & a track to love. This track is definitely a crowd mover, as this track has a wonderful feel involved to it. Adding to the uplifting vibe is the sweet auto-tuned vocals which really add a different flavor to the song.

George Acosta ft Fisher “Beautiful”

The word beautiful is bound to have multiple tracks to it & this track by George Acosta has such meaningful lyrics attached to it. With a catchy tune, this track is an instant hit, on the dance floor as well as in several couple’s heart.

Simon Patterson ft Lucy Pulin “The One”

As trance lovers the two things that will raise your heartbeat, heavy bassline & strong vocals. Well this track is that perfect mixture; Simon has cautiously flirted with the psy side but yet managed to create a track that will remind of your beloved partner.

Matt Darey ft Tiff Lacey “Always”

An ideal track for a couple, who constantly move away, cannot stay without each other and “always” find a way back to each other.  The very essence of this track can be experienced in several love stories these days.

Schiller ft Kim Sanders “Let me love you”

This legendary German band has given us plenty of classics to talk about, but when it comes to love I guess this stands out. Perfect song for a human who is deep in love with someone, but is too scared to express his or her feelings. So if you planning to lay your heart to someone this valentine’s and he or she is a trance fan, this is your go to song.

Markus Schulz ft Anita Kelsey “First Time”

Every couple has their own story, but we really dig those love at first sight tales, don’t we? This track from Markus does just the same, describing the emotions and the journey one goes through when they see their future lover for the first time.

Chicane ft Bryan Adams “ Eastside story”

Well all love stories don’t end in relationships, but once in a lifetime we do come across someone who just meet for a moment, look at the , dream of extravagant life and in the next moment they just disappear and never show their face again. This track by Nick & Bryan is a perfect song to express that feeling.

Oceanlab “Satellite

I don’t think this list is complete without this track. This is track is an ode to those couples who stay away from each other, and yet through all challenges & difficulties manage to stay together forever.  This track certainly does give you hope when you don’t see the face of your loved one each day.

Estiva & Cardinal ft Ariellle Maren “Wait forever”

People usually try to forget their partners when the relationship ends while some are prepared to take the difficult path and wait.  This track is homage to people who stop time and hope their long lost partner will come back.

Dash Berlin ft Jonathan Mendlsohn “Better half of me”

The level of goosebumps one gets while listening to this cannot be counted.  Heart quenching lyrics, sweet symphony and a video that fits the words perfectly, yes this track that you would love to hear inspite of it happening a sad ending. Though this track has a part two, it yet manages to narrate a story of undying love.

Simon O Shine “Your Distant World”

Sometimes love does not need any words to express its importance in a couple’s life. This is such a track, which two people in love can listen to in times of despair, in times when everything seems lost, in times when you need someone to hold you together and pick you up. The piano breakdown in the track really manages to bring a tear in your eye every time you hear it.

These are some suggestions from us, we would love to hear from you the tracks you have for your valentines.


Curator of Edm4Pune, sports enthusiast assisted by having a taste bud for delicious food. Open to all genres of music yet staying close to his first love, Trance.

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    Missing this beauty ! Markus Schulz Feat. Dauby – Perfect (Agnelli & Nelson Remix)

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