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Just a few more hours and Above and Beyond complete another milestone – 12 years of weekly radio shows. We all used to love them as Trance Around The World and we still love them with Group Therapy, this trio is one of a kind!  Who would have thought a duo from University of Westminister (Jono and Paavo) would collaborate with the Marketing Director of Warner Brothers(Tony) and give us tracks that have given us hope, tears, joy throughout our lifetime.

Above & Beyond, congratulations on 200 episodes of Group Therapy! You are an inspiration to millions of people around the world. Keep doing what you are doing.

  1. Air For Life

If you ever wanted to tell your friends what is trance music, make them hear this track. Such a simple melody mixed with the genius of Above & Beyond and Andy Moor!

  1. Home

Everyone here in India has a special connection with Above & Beyond and Goa! This track connects both and brings alot of happiness whenever we hear it!


  1. No One on Earth

“In 2004, in a very lonely and introspective phase of life, I went up to my attic studio with a CD of music I’d got in the post from 3 guys called ‘Above & Beyond’. I wrote and recorded until 4am, dreaming of aliens coming to rescue me and take me to a humanless planet of intrigue and beauty for a little heart repairing session. We all want to go there sometimes, don’t we? It turned out that this song was the start of a beautiful 12 year adventure with Tony, Paavo and Jono 😊 I’m really fond of it.” – Zoë Johnston

Gabriel & Dresden took it to the next level!

  1. Alone Tonight

This track will always remain every trance guy’s anthem. Richard Bedford – you are a genius, take a bow!

  1. Satellite

Go to every trance event in the world – if they play satellite you will hear the whole singing with joy and sadness. Satellite is an anthem for long distance lovers, dreamers and people who love life in general

  1. Sun & Moon

One track that propelled Above & Beyond to the next level. Songs like ‘Sun & Moon’ fuelled a generation of late night dancers lost in lyrics. In doing so, you find  freedom… in the moment.

  1. Buzz

What a track! Above & Beyond’s club anthem ‘Buzz’, which was inspired by the Apollo 11 moon-landing. After the unveiling of the world’s first space tourism spacecraft, Above & Beyond performed an exclusive DJ set in front of an audience of 800 dignitaries, celebrities and soon-to-be astronauts, plus the assembled global media.

  1. Miracle

We all keep hoping for miracles to happen…this is a song for hope, expectations and optimism.

  1. On a Good Day

Whether it is a long journey, or just a day with your coffee cup in your balcony, or you’re in a club this track gives you the same amount of joy each time you hear it. Such a motivational anthem..we hope we always are ‘on a good day’

  1. We are all we need

In life you need good friends and songs like these. Zoe Johnston brings Above & Beyond their first ever crack at Grammy Awards

  1. You Got to go

Dream on a little dreamer! When the moment is right for you…you gotta go!  Says it all, this one song describes struggle and liberation like no other!

  1. Blue Sky action

The modern sounds of Above & Beyond with Alex Vargas – bring such moments of joy and happiness

  1. Sun in your eyes

This track is what dreams sound like!

  1. Alchemy

A tale of a betrayed love that once burned so bright, the official music video for Above & Beyond’s “Alchemy” (feat. Zoë Johnston) begins with a jilted lover (Mackenzie Firgens) coming face-to-face with the painful realisation that the man she loves is cheating with another woman.

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